Three Things You Should Know About Hope


Photo by Leslie Ponder

Hope is more than just a wish. 

Hope is knowing there is more to this life than the way we see it now.

Hope is the light at the end of a long and winding tunnel.

Hope is the reason for living.

It’s the reason we get up in the morning.

When we can no longer stand hope is what we hold on to.

Without hope we would all just give up

There is always hope

Hope can be found in a hug from a friend,

Words of encouragement or something as simple as a passing smile from a stranger.

Hope is comfort in knowing that someone loves and cares about you.

Jesus is Hope

Jesus is that light at the end of the tunnel,

He is the one we cling to when we can no longer stand.

He is the one in the words of encouragement, the hug and the smile.

He is the one we put our trust and faith in.

He is the one who gives us comfort.

Without Jesus there is no hope…

Will you share the hope of Jesus with Omerion today?


Will you give Pacantia hope by telling her she is beautiful?


Will you give Eventz hope by telling him how much he is worth?


Your love and words of encouragement will show Wisneck that someone loves and cares about him.


In a place where it seems like all hope is gone the love and hope you show Ysneyther will help her know there is more to life than the world she knows now.


There are so many children who need to know someone cares and that they are beautiful children of God. Will you help give a child hope today?  You can click any picture in this post to sponsor a child and show them the love of Jesus.


Sponsor a child today, give hope. Set a child free from poverty in Jesus name.


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