Life Just Doesn’t Seem Fair Sometimes

Today I woke up wondering, why I woke up in my nice warm house when a father across the ocean wakes in a pile of rubble and mud. Why am I allowed to go on about my day, living and experiencing joy while the man weeps in grief at the thought of everything that he has lost. His home, his wife and his children swept out to sea by the storm. I can’t help but wonder…did they go peacefully?  Did they have time to know what was happening and be frightened or did they just swim right into the open arms of Jesus?

If God is for us why does something like this happen? Why did a friend of mine just get a cancer diagnosis and while another friend suffers from depression? People are hungry, homeless, abused and disasters happen. The list goes on for miles, people are suffering every single day.  Sometimes I just want to scream, “It’s not fair!” But who am I to decide what is fair and what is not?  We all die, it’s inevitable. Wouldn’t it be nice if when we died we just went to sleep in our bed at night and opened our eyes in heaven? No suffering or pain.  What if life was always rosy? How would we behave? Would we turn to God as much?  Would we still pray? Would we still help one another?

I visited a boy in Haiti last March.  He had nothing of monetary value but he had himself and a whole lot of love; and he was ready and willing to give all of himself away.  I also visited a Mother who had aids and a family of 7, she had a one room shack for a home but opened it up to us as if it were a mansion inviting us in offering us a seat.  She gave more in love to us in that short time than I have given in my whole life.  To me their lives seem unfair yet they were thankful and joyful and ready to unselfishly share it all with me.

When things like the typhoon that hit the Philippines happen we don’t understand, but its also the times like this that God shows the most.  People are coming together from all over the world to give help to their fellow man.  As the broken pick up the broken pieces of their lives, life keeps going on and God keeps going on. Forever His love and strength will show in those who are trying to put the pieces back together again and also in those who come to their aid. Many of us can’t physically go there to help, so we pray. We pray so loud that our voices blend together as one. We pray that God will give strength and healing to those who were hurt.  We pray that nations will come together and in the mighty name of Jesus and that God will show many blessings and miracles in the midst of suffering left from the storm. Most of all we pray that in the center of it all people will come to know Jesus Christ because after all is said and done he is everything that anyone truly needs.

If you would like to help the people of the Philippines Compassion International has set up a donation page to help get emergency relief to children in the effected areas.  This fund will go toward things such as food, clothing, water, and temporary shelter and for providing counseling and spiritual support. Just click the banner below to help.


Ephesians 3:20-21 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

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Three Things You Should Know About Hope


Photo by Leslie Ponder

Hope is more than just a wish. 

Hope is knowing there is more to this life than the way we see it now.

Hope is the light at the end of a long and winding tunnel.

Hope is the reason for living.

It’s the reason we get up in the morning.

When we can no longer stand hope is what we hold on to.

Without hope we would all just give up

There is always hope

Hope can be found in a hug from a friend,

Words of encouragement or something as simple as a passing smile from a stranger.

Hope is comfort in knowing that someone loves and cares about you.

Jesus is Hope

Jesus is that light at the end of the tunnel,

He is the one we cling to when we can no longer stand.

He is the one in the words of encouragement, the hug and the smile.

He is the one we put our trust and faith in.

He is the one who gives us comfort.

Without Jesus there is no hope…

Will you share the hope of Jesus with Omerion today?


Will you give Pacantia hope by telling her she is beautiful?


Will you give Eventz hope by telling him how much he is worth?


Your love and words of encouragement will show Wisneck that someone loves and cares about him.


In a place where it seems like all hope is gone the love and hope you show Ysneyther will help her know there is more to life than the world she knows now.


There are so many children who need to know someone cares and that they are beautiful children of God. Will you help give a child hope today?  You can click any picture in this post to sponsor a child and show them the love of Jesus.


Sponsor a child today, give hope. Set a child free from poverty in Jesus name.


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