31 Day Writing Challenge


A 31 Day Series on Hushin’ My Mouth:

     I am doing something new here on my blog this month.  For the month of October I have joined up with  The Nester and 1200 other writers for a 31 day online writing challenge.  The challenge is to write every day on the same topic. 

     My topic is “31 Days of Hushin’ My Mouth.”   For those of you who know me in person you know I have a bit of a problem doing that and I also have a bit of a hard time shutting off my mind at times too.  I signed up to do this challenge just last night so I am actually a day late in getting started.  I saw it a few days ago and I wanted to do it the minute I saw it but figured there was no way I would be able to think of a thing to write about  but then last night I went to the website again and the next thing I knew I had signed up. I then played around on picmonkey.com and made the required button for the link up (though I did not know it yet).  While I was looking through the different pictures I saw these cute little lipstick prints and I put a set  on my button for a minute and then the words 31 Days of Hushin’ My Mouth popped in my head so I typed it on.  Don’t even ask me why I saved the button because at the time I really had no intention of ever using that button or topic but then this morning something happened…which will be my first post which you will read about below. 

     Since I have written this post and now have hit the publish button I guess I am all in. Maybe by the end of the series I will be better at hushin’ up so that I can be better at hearing what God is trying to tell me…anyway now today I am all excited about this  Are you excited?! If your not feeling that the excitement at this announcement then come back next month when its all over and done or if you would like to join us and take the challenge yourself  you can click here.and sign up.

Day 1:  I am Beautiful

Day 2:  What Does Stepping in Cat Puke Have to do with Taking God to Work?

Day 3:  What God Taught Me Today About NOT Hushin’ My Mouth

Day 4:  Words of Truth

Day 5:  All is Good

Day 6:  I’m All In

Day 7:  How Well Do You Know God?

Day 8:  How I Almost Missed a Blessing

Day 9:  Rainy Days

Day 10:  For the Hard Days and Every Day

Day 11:  Peace in Your Strength

Day 12:  The Amazing Journey of Peace

Day 13:  Were Morning Dawns and Evening Fades

Day 14:  Lord Send Me

Day 15:  Cleansing and Forever Healing Rain

Day 16:  A Stinky Smelly Situation in My Kitchen and No This is Not Another Post About Cat Puke

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