I Find It!

“I find it! I find it! I find the giraffe!”

My 3 year old grandson squealed those words in delight on our visit to the St. Louis Zoo last Monday as he ran towards the giraffe he had just spotted.  As he ran he kept turning back to us saying, “A giraffe! See?!”  On his face he wore a huge smile of  joy as if finding a giraffe were the greatest thing in the whole world; And he wanted to make sure grandma and grandpa did not miss out on seeing his big find!

20150831_141916 (1)I have to say I sure am sure glad I didn’t miss out!wpid-20150831_142029.jpg

Aren’t they just beautiful??!

We also saw these guys.wpid-20150831_143346.jpg




We didn’t make it through the whole zoo that day because unfortunately grand-kids, okay make that Grandparents… tire out after a few hours at the zoo.  But what we did get to see at the zoo was really beautiful!  I am in awe of the the detail that God put into each animal that he created and this is only a small handful of the animals on earth.

The trip was made even more amazing when looking through the eyes of my grandchildren.  I love how children see everything with amazement and excitement that sometimes us grownups have lost over the years. It makes me wonder why we lose that excitement in the process of growing up.

I have seen these animals a lot over the years but not like I saw them this time. Why is his neck so long?? Why does he have stripes? Why is his feathers sticking out on top of his head? Why, why why ?? I don’t know why, but the whys are what makes each animal a unique creation.  Can you imagine if zebras didn’t have stripes or giraffes necks were short?

I think a person could live on this earth for a thousand years and never have a day go by that there would not be something beautiful and unique to see.

Another thing that happened that day was we went into the bird house.  When we went in my grandson started covering his ears and became extremely scared.  He kept saying “I don’t like that noise!”  The thing is it was completely silent inside of the birdhouse. The birds were not singing and actually it was so quiet it felt deafening.

I call it silence but my grandson was saying, “I don’t like that noise!”  How odd that our world is so noisy that total silence would be like a sound to a child and to think that the sound of silence would frighten him kinda puts things into perspective as to just how noisy our world really is.  The complete silence sounded beautiful to me! I don’t think I would have noticed it had my grandson not brought it to my attention.

I wonder if I have became immune at times to noticing the beauty around me just because I am a grown up.

I want to be like my grandson really hearing and seeing the world around me and pointing and exclaiming “I find it! I find it!”

Terri Siebert



P.S. For the grammar police…. I was quoting a 3 year old in the beginning of this post… or maybe I really do have bad grammar  😉

8 thoughts on “I Find It!

  1. PaperGiftsForEstefany says:

    HA! “unfortunately grand-kids, okay make that Grandparents… tire out after a few hours at the zoo… ”

    “But what we did get to see at the zoo was really beautiful! I am in awe of the the detail that God put into each animal that he created”


    Delightful post. Thank you.


  2. berry31 says:

    That’s so fun! I love going to the zoo…or anywhere, for that matter, with my toddlers since it’s helping me see things in a new light. They have such enthusiasm for the “little” things in life!


  3. Maria says:

    I remember when I got married at 20 and had my first child, my (single) friends said no no no Maria your life will be over, you need to travel see the world… Well I did…with my young children in tow. The joy I felt as I saw them enjoy the plane and their fascination of seeing a new country (New York) Best holidays I ever had was with my children. My most favourite thing to do with my grandchildren is take them to the zoo too…I tell you, you haven’t lived until you go on adventures with the grandchildren 😉

    Nice one Terri xx


    • Terri says:

      Hi Maria, Thank you so much for your comment and sharing about your travels with your children and now your grandchildren! You are so right you haven’t lived until you go on adventures with the grandchildren 🙂 I love looking through the eyes of children, it seems as if sometimes they see things so much clearer or maybe its just from a more innocent type of perspective.


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