I Still See

Exactly one year ago today I was on vacation in Cancun and while there a macular hole formed in my left eye and the vision in the center of my eye was suddenly missing.  As I lay on a beach chair with my eyes closed tightly unable to open them frightened by what was happening, I heard God’s voice telling me to open my eyes.  So I did.  When I opened my eyes though some of my vision was missing I realized that I could still see a beautiful sight before me.

There was a storm brewing over the ocean and also a storm of fear brewing inside of me, but suddenly a feeling of peace began washing over me as I realized just how powerful God was and also that he was right there with me.

Today I am sharing what I wrote in my journal and also shared on my blog that day.

I STILL SEE by Terri Siebert (www.astorybyme.com)


The wind is raging, storm clouds looming over the waves and in my mind.

I see where I don’t see and it frightens me.

The waves crash the shore and inside my mind they crash my sanity.

Fear overwhelming, the roar of the ocean matching the roar in my mind

Threatening dark clouds in the distance much like the dark blur obscuring my vision of the beauty before me.

The beauty…you are so big you created this

I feel so small right now,

I know you are so much bigger than me and even more bigger than the small blur.

I feel the breeze starting to cool as the storm in the distance calms the storm that is raging inside calms too.

The blur still threatens to get in the way but you won’t let it.

Even if I can’t see I still see you perfectly.

20140829_124958Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

As I share that post one year later I have my vision fully back.  A few days after I wrote that post I was diagnosed by a Retina specialist with a macular hole.  Just a few short days after diagnoses I suddenly started seeing better and about a month later found out that the macular hole had ‘just went away.’

My doctor told me that macular holes don’t usually ‘go away’ all by themselves. I know that it was God who healed my eye.  I have to say this was one of those times that right in the middle of the storm, I knew without a doubt that everything was really going to be alright.

And it was. What a wonderful gift! Isn’t God awesome? 🙂

Have a wonderful day,

Terri Siebert

9 thoughts on “I Still See

  1. Butch Dean says:

    I am glad you have your sight back. I lost sight in my left eye due to a retina detachment. It was severe and no way to get sight back. I thank God for the sight I do have. I do not mean to turn this about me. Just want to tell you how blessed you are.


    • Terri says:

      About 4 years ago I had a blood clot in my other eye which cased me to lose my vision in it for a while but thankfully got the central vision back in that eye but still missing the bottom corner of that eye’s sight.. With both eyes open I do not notice it. But when the macular hole came it was hard having both eyes with something missing but I still had peace about it. I am so sorry to hear about your retina detachment and that you were not able to get your sight back in your eye, that must have been very scary. For me it took losing my eyesight to open my eyes and actually see things… I used to take seeing for granted… a lot of other things too.. Thanks for your comment and blessings to you!


      • Nancy says:

        Terri, your post encourages me today as my husband and I journey through this very difficult season. Our Heavenly Father is a loving and good God. The same God who healed you is my husband’s great physician. Thank you for sharing!


        • Terri says:

          Yes you are so right Nancy, Our Heavenly Father is so good and yes He is the same physician. I just read your post and it looks as if he is already walking beside you and taking very good care of you all. I will be praying for Bob’s healing and also for you as you go through this. Thank you for coming by and for your comment!


  2. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    We have an Awesome Loving Compassionate God T who blesses us greatly, what a wonderful testimony we have of His Faithfulness and many can say the same.

    It’s hard to believe but I have been told by some Christians that God does not do Miracles today or Signs and Wonders but that is because they put Him in a box of their own understanding and He cannot heal when they claim He doesn’t because they lack faith that He can and so they separate themselves from His healing power.

    Keep sharing T your vision far exceeds many others – Christian Love and Blessings – Ann


    • Terri says:

      Our would is so full of God’s miracles and its so sad that some people are missing out on seeing them because they don’t believe.
      Thank you for your comment and have a wonderful day!


    • Terri says:

      I got your message about signing up to comment and the comments being moderated…
      I have this blog set up to where every comment has to be manually approved because I was hit by spammers hitting me after being approved the first time. As far as it making you sign up to comment, I thought everyone had to sign up to comment but not sure why you have to sign up again and again. Could it maybe just be asking you to sign in instead of up? This blog is not hosted by wordpress.com so that may be why it needs the sign in each time .. if that is what the problem is.


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