Blogging for Jesus

I am not sure where to start this story at so I will just start with this…I think I may be some sort of cyber preacher …
For about a year I have been feeling this odd feeling like I am supposed to go out and tell people about God.  The first time he put the thought in my head that he wanted me to be some sort of preacher I thought to myself I must have just maybe lost my mind a teeny tiny bit.  Me a preacher? umm no …I have no experience, am terrified to be in front of people no way can I even think about speaking in public and I don’t know my Bible at all yet.  I know to many other people who are way more qualified for a preaching job than me.  So I tossed the thought aside.  Again and then again he kept telling me, he would not let up. I have prayed about it.. God why would you want me? Am I mistaken?  I kept asking him to show me more clearly what he meant by this.   The only answer I seem to get is to have patience and he would show me.
I have written a Journal or diary most of my life, around January I felt like he wanted me to start sharing some of the stuff I write with others.  In my Journal I write lots of stuff, some days its just one word long, others maybe just a sentence.  Then there are the days I write a full story or maybe poem.   This past January I took the plunge and I signed up for a blog site.  I was not really sure what I was going to post in the blog and sharing my personal private stuff was kinda scary.  I began by posting something I had written about a life changing experience I had the year before that I had already posted on facebook,  If you are reading this then you are on my blog and I am sure you have already read it or if not if you want to read it here is the link –  I was blind but now I see  . The first few stories I posted I just left on the blog site wondering what the point was because nobody was ever going to see them. Then one day I noticed a blog website called wordpress.  I decided to move my stories to it because it had a much easier format to use.  As I was putting the first post on it prompted me by asking if I wanted to share on twitter?  hmmmm twitter? That seemed scary, someone may see it, gosh, I don’t want people to see my blog posts!   Well as you can see that makes no sense. Whats the sense in having a blog if nobody sees it?  So after nervously sharing my story on twitter and nothing awful happened I decided ok I can do this its not  so bad, I think.. ya lol still scary!    Reluctantly I continued to share my posts on twitter, besides I felt comfortable in thinking that not to many of my friends or family follow me on twitter.  So anyone who reads them does not know me and if people who don’t know me think I am weird I would not know about it.  I guess you can see my thinking was clouded.
Then one day as I finished writing another story and realized it could be shared on facebook and i felt that little voice prompting me again, “share it” oh no he wanted me to share on facebook?  Now that was scary!  Everyone I know is on facebook!  Anyway to make a long story short after several hours of procrastination he finally convinced me to hit the share button in a matter of seconds my blog was out there. It was out there on facebook  just waiting for everyone I knew to see.  Amazingly yet again nothing aweful happened.  A few people commented and they were nice comments but actually not to many people even noticed.  If they did notice they did not say a word, maybe it was because they think I am weird 😀  It is kind of fun this new found out of my comfort zone type stuff.  I also realized I don’t care if people think I am weird 😀  I love being weird for Jesus!  How could I not share what God wants me to share?  He gave me everything I have He gave me my life, He gave me my mind, my fingers to type and my mouth to speak.  And lately he has given me so much much more that gives me great joy.  Why would I not want to share that with everyone?  I want them to feel the joy I feel, the way my life is now compared to how it was without him is amazing.  What if no one had shared him with me?  Now I want to pay it forward 🙂
Recently one day as I was spell checking one of my posts all the sudden I realized something amazing has happened,  I am doing what he asked me to do.. I think I may be some sort of a blogger preacher that sounds so funny!  I did not notice at the time I was writing them that I had been preaching in my blogs without even knowing it. They are just normal everyday stories I don’t know if anyone even reads them but in going back and reading them I see now that they do sound kind of sermony.  Yes I know sermony is not a word but if you are reading my blog and continue to read my blogs you will find out real quick I tend to make up words so get used to it 🙂
Today I can say even though I do feel really nervous every time I push the post  button, I do truly feel like I am doing what he is calling me to do.  If just one person is reached then that is one more person to further his kingdom.  Please do not take that statement wrong… I am not taking credit for anything here at all. I am just a normal lady trying to be obedient to God by posting what I believe he wants me to share.  All the credit belongs to him and I feel so just humbled by the fact that he asked me to do it and that people are actually following the blog , which I did not know until friend pointed out to me…wow :’)
In conclusion I guess what needs to be said here is…
When God calls you to do something even if it seems way bigger than you think you are capable of, do it anyway!  He will equip you. He gave you talent to use in the way he feels it should be used.  I am not a writer at all  but I can be me, the person he made me to be and so can you.  He will fill your mouth with the words to say.  Take a good look at your gifts he has given you they may not seem huge to you but they are huge to him and I bet he is calling you to use them.  Will you listen? 🙂
Philippians4:13 I can do all things through him who gives me strength  

One thought on “Blogging for Jesus

  1. Freedomborn says:

    Hi T, I don’t think your weid in anyway and we don’t have to be a Preacher to share God’s Truth, I leave that to the men, it’s their God given role, as a woman head over heals in Love with my Spiritual Husband Jesus Christ, like you are, I can’t stop telling people how wonderful He is and how much I Love Him and how much He Loves me and I can see you are the same … wonderful so wonderful, please don’t ever stop, go for it, I’m sure God delights greatly in you and as you share from your heart He sings over you.

    Christian Love Anne


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