Closer Look Finds Hidden Treasure


Amazing what is to be seen when taking a closer look at something. The Iris is not one of my favorite flowers, actually its probably pretty close to the bottom of my list of my favorite flowers. Today I took a closer look. I really had no idea an Iris was such a detailed and beautiful flower. No matter how old I get God continues to always amaze me with tiny surprises I never expected scattered throughout my day….today I am pretty sure I found a tiny yet when viewed close up, very large hidden treasure 🙂

4 thoughts on “Closer Look Finds Hidden Treasure

  1. Freedomborn says:

    Hello T such a beautiful flower, I hae saved it but I understand what you mean, a friend asked me to create a Power point for her focusing on Carnations, I thought how boring red and white and both colours together, it was my first flower P.P since then I have created many more.

    Wow was I amazed, in the end I was in tears, I asked God to forgive me for not thanking Him for His wonderful blessings that are all around us. I had been rushing around so much in my life I hadn’t even noticed the beauty of God’s Creation, the variety, the colour , the design or fragrance.

    My friend said her favourite colour was blue Carnations, well man creates these with Ink but then they still have to start off with a white Carnation and that’s Gods creation, only He can create life even in plants they have to have a seed etc, so blue was included, I will Post it for you and I hope it is ok to link with you, thank you for your encouragement on our Blog.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne.


  2. Freedomborn says:

    Thank you T and feel free to link but I was wondering, as you are my new Blogging friend if you would like me to create a Power point with a flower you like and a theme such as Love, Joy, Peace etc. I’m going away on holidays next month and will have more time to create, I would love to do this for you and it will be more personal for you to link or I may have already created a P.P with the flower you like, so you would be able to link it now – your choice.

    Christian Love Anne.


    • T says:

      Wow and thank you so much that is really nice of you 🙂 I love daffodils but really just love flowers so any flower would be perfect and love, joy, faith and hope 🙂 Thanks so much again and God bless.


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