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I took a trip through my Bible tonight and here are a few things I found along the way.

I hope you are as blessed by them as I am.


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All is Good

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This morning I awoke, to my husband waking me up to give me good-bye kiss before he left for work. After he left I then lay there thinking about how thankful I am for him and for our life together.  I thought about how things could have turned out had God not came into our lives.  As lay there thinking happy thoughts, rain started tapping on the roof and I  drifted back off to sleep. I slept for about another hour and woke up to sunshine streaming through the curtains realizing that what I thought was going to be a rainy day now was a sunny day. I looked outside and saw this beautiful mess on my deck and a feeling of contentment and peace washed over me.

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Not to long after I woke up I received an email from a friend that contained a blog post by Randy Alcorn called turning Bad into Best. In the post it said ‘take some time to list the worst things that have ever happened to you, then list the best things. You’ll be astonished by how many of those best things came out of the worst things’

I decided to make a list and I soon found out that what the writer said was true; most of the best things on my list did come out of the worst things.  I won’t put the lists I made on here but I will share with you that there was one thing that stood out on the top of both lists…The best thing that ever happened to me in my life was that I was saved by Jesus and guess what….it was during one of the worst points of my life.

I have been walking with Jesus for about 4 and half years now.  It has been a tremendous time of change and to be honest it has has been one tough time.  Life did not become awesome the minute I was saved, actually it became more complicated.  I also have had a whole lot of health problems over the past 4 years but oddly through each one something good came from it. At times it seemed like life was  crumbling around me but  now I look back and can see that God was molding me and helping me get my priorities in line.  Now things seem to be solid and strong and it seems to me as if I have pretty much walked into a whole new life, actually a better life.

Reflecting back over the list I made today it looks as if I lost a lot but what amazes me is how much more I have gained. I now have more than I ever hoped for, and more than I ever could imagine.  What I have now is love, faith, trust, hope, peace, security, and joy. Joy, I have joy 🙂  I am thankful.

I started my day today feeling peace and contentment, I shall end it on the same note.

Thank you so much for reading, below are a few of the gifts God gave me as I went through my day today and I would like to share them with you.










God bless you and good night,



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What does Stepping in Cat Puke have to do with Taking God to Work?


The Plan….

I set my alarm before I went to bed last night for 5:00 a.m.  Since I have started this writing challenge I figured I would get up have my quiet time with God and then write my blog post before work.

What really happened….

My alarm went off, I sat up turned it off, grabbed my Bible off my nightstand, lay back down and started to read….the next thing I knew I woke up to my ceiling clock glaring 7:45 at me. Ugh! I dragged myself out of bed got in the shower for my own rendition of those old Coast soap commercials….remember those??

If not here are a couple to refresh your memory

I did NOT come out of the shower all bright eyed and happy like the people in the commercials did, I think it may be because instead of Coast soap I had some pretty pink citrus smelling body wash.  {Mental note to self….Next time you go shopping get Coast soap… not only do you need to hush your mouth you need to have Coast soap to open your eyes – it says so in the commercial, we all know commercials on tv are true (insert eye roll here) }.  Since the shower did not work I headed off to the kitchen for the next best thing….COFFEE!

Did I ever mention I am not a morning person?? you can ask anyone in my family and they will tell you this, when I first get up in the morning I need about an hour of just peace and quiet until I fully wake up. So I pretty much stick to the same routine each day because I can’t think to well outside of that routine until I am wide awake.

So this morning I am late and now heading my freshly showered, still tired, and cranky self down the dark hallway to the kitchen to get myself a cup of coffee.  I was just about to step out of the hallway into the kitchen when all the sudden my bare foot landed in something squishy! OH YUK! I had no idea what it was but the minute it happened I wanted to puke.  I flipped on the lights and upon further investigation I discovered that one of my cats had puked and now it was all over my foot and my stomach was telling me yep I may puke too 😥

I turned myself immediately back around, got back in the shower, scrubbed my feet, and then went back into the hallway proceeded to clean up the puke.  (bet you never thought you would be reading a blog about puke did you? And its only day 2 😀 )  The next thing I did was really a stupid thing to do… I decided I would clean up the bigger portion of the mess with toilet paper before I mopped and I flushed it down the toilet so the puke would not be stinking up the trash can. BIG mistake!  The toilet backed up and overflowed all over my bathroom….. ugh!

I cleaned that up and it was back to the shower again for me and still no wonderful eye opening wake up happend and that was my 2nd and a half shower of the morning.

For time sake I will just give you a quick run down of the rest of my morning/day.

  • I finally got my coffee made,
  • Got partway to work realizing I forgot my coffee
  • Went back home got my coffee
  • Halfway to work I dumped coffee all over myself
  • Went back home changed clothes
  • Finally got to work
  • At work I discovered the bulletin I needed to print for Sunday’s service was printing all jumbled up for some reason
  • Fixed the print problem
  • The copier then ran out of red ink
  • Reloaded the red ink
  • Got red ink all over my hands and shirt
  • Washed my hands
  • realized the paper towel dispenser was jammed up
  • Dried my hands on my jeans
  • while I am writing this I just remembered I forgot to call someone to repair the paper towel dispenser…oops
  • I went in the sanctuary to work on the service for Sunday
  • Found out that the internet was not working in our sanctuary computer
  • tried to fix the internet but never could
  • I will stop with the list now because I am sure you have heard enough
  • Oh wait I forgot to write that I forgot to eat breakfast AND lunch so I was starving all day 😛

What does this have to do with Hushin’ my mouth??

I will be honest I really do not have a clue other than maybe I was so wrapped up in my crazy day that I realized here at the end of the day I never had my quiet time with God this morning but as I am writing this something just hit me…Even though I did not have that quiet time in the morning I still talked to Him a lot during the day and realized that when the day was all over other than being hungry from not eating I was actually in a good mood and once I got home from work I finally was able to settle down and read my Bible and have quiet time with him.

I think what God is trying to say to me today is that I don’t always have to have a structured set out time to spend with Him. Though I usually try to get out of bed each morning and immediately spend time with Him today I realized that I wasn’t done after that and maybe its better to spend ALL day with Him.  Instead of having a morning time and then leaving him, today I saw that he was there all day, my coworker and friend, and I realize now he was also my peace.  Without him I am not sure I would have gotten through today in a good mood.  Most that stuff that happened today was really just minor irritations but it could have went in a whole different direction had I not brought God along to work with me today.

Thankfully I stepped in cat puke or I would have never noticed all this.

And that folks is what stepping in cat puke has to do with taking God to work 🙂

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back tomorrow with day 3,


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