Sorrow’s Tears

Sorrow’s tears cascade down

a sorrowful rain

Each tear drop a stain

cut deeply by a river of pain

Sorrow’s tears full of circumstances unknown

Shed for the broken,

The hurting and alone.

Sorrow’s tears flow freely

but don’t come without cost

A price that was paid

by innocence lost

A young life seeming to spin out of control

Aching my heart and taking its toil

If only for today

Sorrow’s tears will be wiped away

Tears dried by my father in heaven above

Father God, I want to get lost in your love.

Today was not a very good day.  A child who is very dear to me is in the middle of a bunch of grown ups in her life who are behaving like children. Her heart is broken, her mother’s heart is broken and its not a very good situation.I went to bed just heartbroken for her and all who are involved.  As I lay in bed watching the time slip by and sleep not even on the radar tonight, I decided to read my email. While in my email I found that I had notification of a blog I follow by my blogging friend James over at Men of One Accord.  He had been challenged on a blog that he reads to write a poem about love which he did it is very lovely but James’ poetry is always lovely.  In James’ post he also challenged his readers to write a poem of their own.  The poem you just read was my poem.  He had 2 writing prompts that God placed on his heart the line I chose from them was “God, I want to get lost in your love.”

When I saw the writing prompt I realized that getting lost in God’s love was exactly what I needed to do tonight, I needed to be lost in God’s love to realize that God does have the situation in his hands and I needed to give it up to him. I also know that the child has Jesus in her life and he loves her and she has him with her as she goes through this mess. Though God has reassured me he has this little girl’s situation in his hands I still feel heartsick about the whole situation, because it just really hurts to see people that I love hurt.  Before I go tonight I would like to ask you all my readers if you will say a prayer for a little girl and her momma.  Also before I go tonight I would like to challenge you to write your own poem and link it back here in the comments.  I don’t have a line but was thinking anything to do with God’s love, trusting in the fact that you belong to him or that he has your life in his hands will do. Thank you dear readers for coming back here each day and reading,

God bless you and Good night,


How Does God Feel About Storms?

Yesterday I turned on my television and was shocked at what I saw.  A tornado had ravaged through the town of Moore, Oklahoma leaving behind a trail of death and destruction.   It was so hard to to look at the pictures on the television, I can’t begin to imagine how the people of that town must feel.

The hardest thing for me see was that the tornado had leveled several schools, taking with it the lives of precious children leaving their parents behind with hearts hurting and broken.

Something else I saw yesterday was that though some of the children lost their lives, there were also stories of how amazingly many children walked out of the wreckage, alive, some seemingly without even a scratch.  My mixed up mind keeps wondering… is right for my heart to sing joy for the ones who are safe while at the same time it is breaking for the parents who will never hold their precious children again?

I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it all it.

Today I saw a story written by Ann Voskamp – click here to read –> A Holy Experience – When you’re wondering: How God Feels About Storms?.

Though I may never know why things happen like they do, this story reminded me of God’s overflowing heart and how he is always here with us during and after each and every storm.

Thank you for reading.

Broken Glass

Colors of the rainbow piercing like shattered stained glass

Broken and jagged like the pieces of my life

I am reminded of where I have been

Swept up, never thrown away

Ever so delicately you swept up every last piece

Taking the tears of my sorrows dripping them in one by one

Washing away the mess

Putting me together again

Turning broken pieces to peace


Written by Terri Siebert Oct 17,2012