Music Monday ~ Same Power

Hey Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and are off to the start of a really great week. This week’s Music Monday song is ‘Same Power’ – By Jeremy Camp.  

The same power that commands the dead to wake

Lives in us, lives in us

The same power that moves mountains when He speaks

The same power that can calm a raging sea

Lives in us, lives in us

He lives in us, lives in us

We have hope

That His promises are true

In His strength

There is nothing we can’t do – (Jeremy Camp)

Those words are true ya know….

Whatever you face this week remember those words and know that In His strength there is nothing we can’t do.

Greater is he that is living in me…

Have a great week!

Terri Siebert

Spiritual Jump Start

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10


Yesterday morning I got in my car to go to church.  Like I do every Sunday morning I put my key in the ignition to start the car, but this Sunday when I turned the key instead of hearing my engine start running, I heard silence.  I turned my key again and again but still there was nothing except dead silence.

Later that day after a bit of investigating and a helpful husband we came to the conclusion that my car had a dead battery. We then connected pair of jumper cables from my husband’s truck to my car and within minutes my car was running and ready to hit the road again.

This weekend was a very stressful weekend for me and I can not explain why but though I was connected well to God Saturday night, by Sunday morning instead of clinging to God, which I know I should do, I somehow lost touch and ended up spending my energy on anything and everything except charging my spiritual battery.  I prayed a bit, but I did not really take the opportunity to find time to just sit down and spend quality time with God. First it was the dead battery in my car, then I was late for church. and once I got to church I was flustered about the car and seemed to keep getting distracted by other things and I eventually ended up having a panic attack and missed most of the church service.

Our cars break down when their battery has been drained and pushed to the limit.

People also will break down when we are drained and pushed to our limit. Sometimes like our car batteries we as people also sometimes need jump start.

I realize now that as I sat in church on Sunday morning I had hit my limit and my spiritual battery was drained.

I should know by now that I need to stay connected to Jesus every single day, every chance I get. But instead of staying connected I had flailed around on my own until I ran out of energy and soon found myself in need a jump start.

After my husband and I jump started my car we noticed there is an indicator on top of the battery, if it is black that means the battery is dead and if it is green it is charged.  My car’s battery indicator was black, so today I brought the battery to the auto repair to be checked out and see why it was dead.  The service technician informed me that my battery was defective so I needed a new battery. Thankfully my car is still under warranty so the new battery was free.

As far as my spiritual battery goes, I am thankful that I can get a recharge anytime I want but it sure is a whole lot easier if I just stay plugged in to the power source at all times.

Each and every day requires being connected to Jesus. Thankfully he is always here ready to fill us with what we need to stay running.  And guess what??? The warranty never runs out, it’s unlimited, and always free!

Are you feeling drained today, in need of a jump start?

Connect yourself to the one who can give you what you need to keep going.

Plug yourself in to Jesus, He’s waiting for you.

Have a blessed day,


I have set the LORD always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Psalm 16:8

Clinging to Him as We look to the Light


Our view of the sunrise over St. Louis from the window this morning ©


So close though I can’t see it I can still feel it lurking…
Standing by the edge of the room ready and waiting, ready to escort anyone through the door who may decide to walk through to the other side today…

As my eyes dart around the room they meet eyes looking back….everyone who is here whether they are sick or not are somehow in some way going through this together.  My eyes meet eyes of fear looking out right next to eyes full of determination and bravery.

This place feels like poison to me with its concoction of poison medicines, hanging from IV poles, dripping into the blood streams of the sick, killing off everything in their bodies to get rid of the real poison.

The unspoken poison…

The C word…

That word is on the mind of everyone here today though nobody says it…


The unspoken yet common bond between everyone who is in this place today.

they all also have another common bond…

That word is Hope

They all commonly hope.

Some hope for a cure and some just hope for one more day…

They all hope to get away from this disease that eats them inside.

Though it’s not me with this disease it still somehow eats at me today too.

I watch as the clear harmless looking medicine drips slowly from the bag into the arm of my friend as I think it seems ironic to me that something so poisonous is used to help someone get well. It poisons the cancer and along with it takes away her strength and makes her sick.

Father God, What is the purpose of all this? Today I feel as if I know nothing about anything anymore I feel so broken hearted inside for the people in this place and most of all for my friend because she has to go through this. I came as her guest today in the hopes of somehow helping yet I have no idea how I’m supposed to do that.  Sometimes life just does not come with instructions so I today I try to feel my way through it, trying my best to follow the lead of you the one who knows best.  I know that no matter how tough it is we can never give up on you.  I know you already know the outcome and the reason for all this I just wish I knew too.

I realized today that this is my friend’s life right now, every 3 weeks she has to come here to this place as do the rest of these people.They all continue to live life no matter how hard it is. They all know that they have to come to this awful place in order to continue living this life.

I wonder how do they view this room? Do they see it as I do?

I know my friend doesn’t like being here yet she keeps her chin up and takes all they do to her so bravely.  She knows this is what she has to do to keep this terrible disease at bay.

As for me I’m just the a person today who at times feels too much uncertainty.
Yet in my uncertainty I do see the reality that the only thing about this whole cancer thing that I am certain of is the fact that God is here.

As I look around I do see him.  I realize that he may seem absent to some of those who are here yet those who do see him are clinging tightly to his life rope.  When we first arrived here I met a lady who had no legs. Her legs were taken away by the cancer and yet she greeted everyone who came into the room with a smile, it was obvious who she clings to. Those people like her who choose to cling to him are the little bursts of light that are shining out in the darkness of this dreary place. They continue to shine on no matter what the outcome because they cling to the one who knows the outcome. They cling because they know He is the peace in this not so peaceful place.  They know that He is the one who will bring end to their suffering. I am so thankful for the light of Jesus that’s shining over this dark and dreary place this morning.


Our view of the sunrise over St. Louis from the window this morning ©


You, God, are my God,

earnestly I seek you;

I thirst for you,

my whole being longs for you,

in a dry and parched land

where there is no water.

I have seen you in the sanctuary

and beheld your power and your glory.

Because your love is better than life,

my lips will glorify you.

I will praise you as long as I live,

and in your name I will lift up my hands.

I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods;

with singing lips my mouth will praise you.

On my bed I remember you;

I think of you through the watches of the night.

Because you are my help,

I sing in the shadow of your wings.

I cling to you;

your strong right hand upholds me securely. Psalm 63:1-8


Last May a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  She is only 50 years old and her doctor told her there is no cure but that with chemotherapy they can prolong her life so she goes every 3 weeks.  The chemo makes her very sick and she keeps having to have blood transfusions and fluids given to her intravenously almost weekly.  She has hopes that the chemo will work and that she will have a long future and I am asking you all to help with that today by praying for her. She is a fighter and I know with God’s help she can do this. Thank you for reading my blog and also for your prayers.



Rocky for the Day

I used to ride my elliptical machine for an hour every other morning. Since all the problems with my knees started I haven’t been able to ride it at all.  After visiting the physical therapist yesterday he finally gave me the all clear to try it as long as I took it easy and put the height to a position that doesn’t hurt my knees. I decided that today I wanted to try to ride it for just ten minutes.

The elliptical machine is in the basement of my house so just getting to it is very interesting.  I can’t go down stairs very well yet and getting back up is a whole new ball game that I will cover farther down in this blog.

Here is the down trip:  First of all I need both hands to help me go down and I have to go one leg on a step then bring the other leg to that step and also I have to be standing sideways.  I also needed to take  water down with me and I decided that I would take a few extra bottles with me to leave down for next time. Needing both hands to hold on as I went down the steps I had to find a way to get my stuff down the stairs too.  I decided it would be best to toss each bottle of water down the steps instead of trying to carry them down. My cats who are always all up in my business noticed me heading for the basement and were all the sudden excited that something new was happening in our house this morning.  Anything new is an exciting day for the two of them, so I should have known that what was about to happen would happen. Just as the first bottle left my hand Bart decided he would race me to the bottom of the stairs and he managed to dive right in front of the bottle of water that had just left my hand. I am not sure how he was able to avoid getting bowled over by the flying water bottle but somehow he did.  Upon seeing Bart’s near miss Mr. KB decided he would like to give it a try himself so just as I carefully tossed the other two bottles down he made a mad dash to dive right in front of the bottles and managed to get nipped just a tiny bit. The hit was not enough to hurt him physically but his pride was hurt so much that he sat at the bottom of the stairs and glared at me as I began my descent.  If looks could kill I would be a dead woman right now and you would not be reading this blog post.  I also had my phone tucked into the waist band of my shorts because I had decided that just in case I fell down the steps or could not get back up I would maybe need a way to call someone to come save me.  About half way down the phone slipped out of my waistband and dropped right on top of my foot…ouch…and then bounced down the steps and you guessed it right at Mr. KB who was still not over the water bottle incident.  He ran back up the stairs just about bowling me over and as far as he was concerned this adventure was over!

After what seemed like forever I was finally at the bottom of the steps and ready to tackle the elliptical but then I soon discovered another obstacle that I had not planned on.  I had to figure out how to get on the machine. Since my surgeries I cannot step up a steps without a railing  because my legs muscles are not strong enough and the  physical therapist has been helping me strengthen my leg muscles. He has finally gotten me up to a two inch step and but here I was looking at the elliptical which had about eight inches from the floor to the foot pads.  This was something I had really never noticed before today and after a few fails I did finally did have a win and manage to get on the machine.   As you know, the goal was to ride for ten minutes. During those ten minutes other than I kept pushing the height button on the ramp, up and down and up and down until I found a comfortable place to ride that did not hurt my knees, the rest of the ride was uneventful and I am happy to say I finished the ten minute goal! YAY!

I know ten minutes does not seem like a huge goal and I would’ve been very disappointed in myself for only making ten minutes on the elliptical machine a year ago, but today ten minutes was huge and boy was I sweating!  Excited I started to get off the elliptical and then I realized there was another obstacle I had not planned on… now I had to figure out how to get off the machine, this was a very interesting problem.  Every time I would try to get off the machine it would almost tip over and I could not just step off.  I finally figured it out though and my ten minute workout which was now up to about 30 minutes (thanks to step descending and cat bowling) was complete.

It was now time to go back up those stairs! Me climbing stairs is an interesting sight to see.  I pulled myself up with my arms holding on to the railing and when I reached the halfway mark there is a ledge opposite of the railing and with that I was able finish using the rail in one hand and pushing of the ledge with my other.  When I reached the top I raised my arms in the air just like Rocky and said, “YES!”  Who would have ever thought something that I never ever really thought about would be so hard and yet bring me so much happiness to complete??!  🙂

My happiness was short lived because at that moment I realized I had left my phone in the basement. Ohhhh noooo! By this time I was exhausted and thought if I go down those steps again I will never get back up a second time! I know I sound like I’m exaggerating but that staircase that I used to fly up and down no-handed, now feels like going up ten floors.

I looked down the stairs; “I can’t do this again!” but a voice in my head said, “oh yes you CAN!”  and then all the sudden something inside of me changed. I don’t know that I really wanted the phone as bad as I just wanted to be able to climb those stairs again, so I went for it!  I went down the stairs, got the phone and then one more time reached the top and this time I wanted to do the victory dance and jump up and down thing Rocky does once again  🙂  (watch the video at the beginning if you don’t know what I am talking about).

It amazes me what a person can be thankful for when you look at your life from a totally different perspective. Today I’m thankful for the ability to climb a staircase…wow. Today I had to overcome a lot of obstacles just to get what I thought was going to be one small thing accomplished.  That is how life is though… always filled with a lot of obstacles.  The obstacles I faced today were nothing I ever even paid attention to or considered obstacles at all a year ago. That just goes to show that a person just never ever knows where they will be in life. The small stuff may become big stuff and the stuff that used to seem really small can become really big. (Did that even make sense?) 🙂

When stuff gets tough a person has two choices.  Either chose to sit back and not try or tackle the harder choice.  Sometimes the harder choice may not go so well but at least we can know that we tried. To me it just seems like it would be sad to never know just how much could have been accomplished had we tried, than to have never tried at all. Even if we try and fail it’s really a win because at least we gave it a shot.  I can never ever give up not matter what.

Every single day since all this stuff started with my knees I have I asked God to give me the strength and the courage to push through the pain, the strength to persevere through the weakness and to stand up tall and be strong in whatever obstacle comes my way. I can’t say that every day I do all those things, but on the days like today that I do, I find that He gave me exactly what I needed to win. Life can be really really hard sometimes but if life were always easy I think I would never know what was like to strive for things or to want to do better.  If life were easy I would never be thankful for something that I used to think was pretty small and I would never have realized that those every day ordinary things are really very huge and should never be taken for granted.

I know it sounds as if I am bragging today and yes I am, but is not me I am bragging on. The One I am bragging on is my God because without him none of this stuff I wrote about today would ever be possible and I feel so blessed and thankful that he loves me so much that he pushes me to try harder and then helps me to do it.

In closing I would like to say if you think that the obstacles of your life have gotten in the way so much that you have been knocked down so many times that this time you feel so far down that you don’t think you can ever get back up again, call on Jesus ask him to give you the strength you need. He will help you get back up and he will help you persevere through whatever it is.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.  Philippians 4:13

Have a blessed day and thanks for reading,



Oh and by the way after writing this I decided to tackle those stairs one more time …. I needed  a picture of the elliptical 🙂



The Calm

Lightning moves through the night

Like fingers spreading across the sky

Lighting up the darkness

Thunder rolling in the distance

Wind whispering through the trees

Raindrops fall from the sky

Washing away the dirt

Making everything fresh and new again.

You light up the darkness

calming the thunder

you softly whisper to me

Your living water begins to fall over me

Washing away the dirt

Making me fresh and new again


Written by Terri Siebert Oct 3,2012

Spider Webs

This morning when I woke up the black swirling spider webs were floating so badly through my vision that I could not bare to open my eyes.  I did not know how I was going to be able to survive the day seeing like this.  I closed the curtains turned off the lights went and lay down and cried.  As I cried I began to talk to God asking him why and asking for peace.  I do not know how long I lay there crying and praying but the more I talked to Him the more I could feel myself beginning to calm as I felt His peace began to wash over me and fill me up.  As I lay there praying I noticed a warmth upon my face.  I opened my eyes and I saw a sunbeam shining in through the window even though I had closed the curtains.  Then I felt the nudging and heard a small voice saying,  ”Open your eyes go look outside”.   I went to my front door touched the knob and slowly opened the door.

As I opened the door I saw that one of my flower bushes had bloomed.  It had bloomed the biggest most giant blossoms I have ever seen.  The huge pink blossoms were the size of my hand and were opened up with drops of dew shimmering in the morning sunlight. What a gift!  I looked up towards Heaven to say thank you Lord as I raised my face I saw the sun rising, shining in all its glory through of all things, the tree branches in my yard. They were blowing in the wind.  At that moment I knew Jesus himself was standing in my front yard right beside me showing me everything is going to be alright.  As the black spider webs floated around in my vision I realized they floated in my eyes with a peaceful movement exactly like tree branches floating in the wind in my yard.  I wasn’t seeing spider webs anymore I was seeing branches swaying in the wind.

This may sound crazy to anyone else but at that moment I realized that God was showing me something I have never seen before.  Could this be a blessing or maybe a lesson? Of course it is.  Not everyone gets to see black spider webs in their vision turn into tree branches. He was showing me that there is always beauty and peace to be seen even on the darkest day during our darkest hour.  When we see tragedy or sadness in the world God is still here.  He is here always, He is never changing. All a person has to do is open their eyes. I can not walk through my life with my eyes closed in fear, hiding from the bad or the scary stuff.  I have to open them up or I will miss the blessings.  There are a lot of bad and scary things going on in our world right now.  Do I close my eyes or do I open them up and face them bravely knowing God right by my side.   We are here on this earth to for a reason and its not to sit by with our eyes closed hoping that the bad stuff will just magically go away.  We must open our eyes to what we don’t want to see, then step up and open the door.  Then don’t just open the door, go through it and then open those eyes and do something about what we see.  That is the only way to have true peace and see true beauty.  I want to open my eyes and receive the blessings he has put here for me.

 I am not sure what God has in store for me this time but I do know that he has never left me before and every single trial, pain or suffering I have had in my life has ended up having a good outcome and a lesson learned.  I know I still have a lot to learn and I also know life will never be boring.  When I let God into my life nobody said it would be easy, but it is so much better.  I have nothing to fear because – I can do everything through Him, who gives me strength.  Philippians 4:13

Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

* a note to what the spider webs I am seeing are and no I am not nuts and seeing things….Yesterday I woke with huge black floaters and flashing lights in my eye again.  I tried my best to ignore it but just as I finished shopping at a grocery store a giant spider web looking black mass covered my vision.   I went to my retina doctor and found out have yet another eye issue, caused either by scarring in my eye from my retinal vein occlusion I had last year of the medication they used to treat it.  The vitreous gel is pulling away from my peripheral area of vision has torn my retina a bit so what I am seeing is blood floating in my eye.  At this point there is nothing that can be done except to wait and watch it in case I would happen to get a retinal detachment. But no worries as you can tell I am doing well because God has me and is in control :)

Thank you so much for reading and have a blessed day 🙂

Spiders, Airplanes and Fear

This week has been a week of revelation and great joy for me.  A lot of things have been learned these past few days. First thing I would like to say is as I am writing this I am on my way home from a 3 night visit to my favorite place in the world, Jamaica.  I am at 38,000 feet in the air on an airplane without my seat belt on and there is a lot of turbulence at the moment.  I never go with out the seat belt and especially not on a flight with turbulence.  Though I am a travel agent I am extremely afraid to fly.   But for the first time in my life I am not afraid and I finally realize that God is in control of this plane and of my life.

This vacation started with me going to bed on Tuesday night to try to get some sleep knowing I had an early flight to catch the next morning.   As I was just settling down to sleep I looked up and happened to notice on the wall behind my bed my number one biggest fear in the world, a spider. Gosh I do not like spiders.  I think they are absolutely the most creepiest creatures I have ever seen.  Those long creepy legs send goose bumps up and down my spine.  I can not hardly even bare to look at them.  

Upon trying to smash the spider he dropped to the floor still very much alive and proceeded to crawl around behind the headboard of my bed.  I waited impatiently for him to come out all the while keeping my eye on him watching him crawl up an down the wall never quite coming close enough from behind the safety of the headboard so I could kill him. It was almost as if he knew I was there and was messing with me.  He would come out and as I would try to hit him then he would run.  Then to my horror on my last attempted to smash him he went behind the wall trim never to be found again, my worst nightmare!  What was I going to do?  There was no possible way I could sleep with a spider on the loose in my bedroom and so close to my bed!   I just knew if I dare close my eyes for one second he would come creeping out and climb into bed with me.  I decided that was the end of my sleeping for the night and in frustration I laid down at the bottom of the bed so I could keep a close eye on the wall trim where he had magically disappeared to.
As I was laying there watching the trim,  I thought of something my friend Judy had said to me one day about praying for spider grace.  I was planning to go on a mission trip with her next Winter and was told a story of spiders that they had encountered on a previous mission trip. I had told her how I was worried about spiders being there for this one and said I did not think I would be able to take lots of spiders very well.  She had then said to me we will pray for you to have spider grace.  I never really had thought about her saying that again since.  I am not going on that trip now and by the way not because of spiders. That is another long story I may put here one day but not today.  This story is plenty long enough

Anyway… as I was laying there watching for Mr. Spider to come back out I thought about spider grace… I wondered what that could be…but thought maybe now would be a good time to find out so I began to pray. I know that may sound weird to you but I prayed to God to please give me spider grace.  I do not sleep well and on a normal night without any spiders I would have had a hard time sleeping anyway but about 2 minutes into my prayer the next thing I knew I was waking up and it was morning! Spider grace…wow God had given me spider grace! I had just managed to sleep through my worst fear and was getting ready to face my next biggest fear…flying.  If God could get me through spiders I knew flying would be a breeze.

We arrived at the airport and found that the plane was full.  We were flying charter so you get your seats when you arrive at the ticket counter.  We were given 2 seats across the isle from each other.  I ended up with sitting with a couple of which the man was afraid to fly. So at least I had company.  We talked about our fear of flying and it actually seemed quite odd hearing another persons reasoning as to why they are afraid to fly.  That conversation seemed to take my mind off of my own fear a bit.   I do not like take off at all and do not like landing to much more other than it means I am going to be safely back on the ground soon.

I will have to admit at take off I was afraid but I did know that Jesus was with me holding my hand.  I am not afraid of dying but I do have to admit I do not want to fall out of the sky and think about hitting the ground on my way to Heaven.  As we were shooting up into the sky and the fear was building all the sudden I found myself feeling peaceful as if He were whispering to me “its ok I got this” and he did have it.  The rest of the flight I was great. We even ended up in the sky about an hour longer than expected because we had to go around a storm in the gulf.   We landed in Jamaica safe and sound.

The first thing I saw when we left the airport was the slum area.  As always it tugged at my heart making me wonder how it is possible that such poverty can sit on one right there in the middle of a tropical paradise overlooking the dark blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.  Shortly after passing that we arrived at our luxurious resort.  I thought to myself, why has God chosen for me to be on vacation here and those who live here are in such need?   While I was there in Jamaica I found my self finding hidden treasure everywhere the whole time I was there.  I found treasure in small animals such as birds and crabs, flowers and of course the ocean.  I always feel closest to God when I am by the ocean.  I think it’s because when I see it I realize his awesome power.  Did you ever think about how we are floating on a ball through space and we don’t fall off and the water does not pour off? How could there not be God?

The next morning my husband and I noticed a couple who had been on the plane with us coming in with their suitcases leaving the resort.  We talked to each other about them wondering what had happened and why they had cut their vacation short. Did they not like the resort? Did something happen at home?  We later forgot all about them but  then the next afternoon we saw them at the resort again.   Again we talked about them.  We wondered why they left with suitcases and then came back?  They were like a mystery couple.  Again we forgot all about them and continued with our vacation.

Now to today, we missed our shuttle ride to the airport because they had changed the pick up time and we did not know it.  We had to get a taxi to the airport.  Because we were flying charter we did not have assigned seats on the plane and we were last in line.  When we got up to the counter we found out that there were only 2 seats left on the plane that we could have and they were not together.  I did not want to ride away from my husband so asked about the preferred seating.  I was told they had 2 seats not together but across the isle from each other and they were only $20 a piece so we decided to buy them.  With those seats you also get special perks.  One of them being, you get to board the plane before everyone else.

When we began to board I was close to the front of the line to being first on the plane and guess who got pulled for a full search? Ya, you guessed it, ME!   They went through my suitcase, my purse and checked my pockets.  They also gave me a full body pat down while everyone else in line got to go right by me and get on the plane, so much for my getting on the plane first perk.   It was not really my best day so far as you can tell but I do get to sit in the front of the plane and across the isle from my husband so that is a blessing.  As I got on the plane I silently prayed to God?”  Could you please let me sit by someone nice on the plane?”

I entered the plane, had a hard time finding a place to put my carry on because by now the bins were full, but finally I arrived at my seat.   Imagine my shock when I realized of all the people on that plane my seat mates are the mystery couple we had noticed at the resort 🙂  Nobody can tell me that God did not fully orchestrate this whole seating arrangement.

We began to chat and immediately I discovered that I really like these people.   They are so full of Jesus and joy its spilling over into my seat.  They won their vacation from a local radio station but of the 2 full days they had for vacation they chose to bring in supplies for the needy and they spent one whole day going around giving them out.  They visited schools, clinics and homes giving out clothing, school supplies and toiletries.  They are full of stories and just bubbling with joy left over from their visits.

**The captain just illuminated the seat belt sign so much for writing this seat beltless and the turbulence is really rough now. Have to put away my kindle, we will be landing in about a half and hour so will finish this at home on the ground.

Safely on the ground now and its Sunday… hopefully I can remember where I was going with this and finish it up, its no longer a blog its a book lol

During the plane ride home, after talking to my seat mates for a while I listened to music while I read. even slept and of course wrote half this blog.  The plane ride had a lot of rough turbulence that day.  I don’t remember being upset at all even found it kind of fun.  I found out after we got home there was a tropical storm in the gulf that we were going around.  We landed about an hour late again.  I was talking to my Dawn my neighbor again after I had to put away the kindle and quit writing.  A funny thing happened that day.  I was so busy talking to her we landed and I realized I did not pay to much attention that we were landing.  I looked around when we were on the ground and said “oh my gosh!  we landed?” to my husband.   If you have ever flown with me you know I do not miss landings because I am usually digging my nails into my palms of my hands as I close my eyes.

This next thing I am going to tell you is a secret I have been keeping for a while. Most people do not know this about me.  In the past I had used alcohol as a way to escape my problems or to numb pain or fear.  I have never been one to drink on the job or drink and drive or do anything to get myself in to trouble, but alcohol was my drug of choice when needing something to turn to for comfort.  Flying is one of those occasions where I would drink so as not to be afraid. Every bit of turbulence I would have pushed the call button and asked for more wine.

Before this trip I prayed to God to please lead me and show me what his plan is for me. I know it was not an accident I ended up sitting next to those people on the plane.   I also know for a fact his plan for me is mission work and I know I am already involved in it a tiny bit and who knows where its going to end up going.  I can not wait to find out!  I’m sure there will be lots more turbulence and maybe spiders (lol this is so long I forgot I started with spiders) but I am not scared I am excited.  I also know that his plan does not include alcohol to distort my view along the way because it does not give me peace and makes me not be the person I am supposed to be.  Something else I discovered these past few days is that on a plane is not the only place I have found turbulence.  My life has been kind of like a plane ride.  Most days I am flying along smoothly and happy.  But then there are those days I hit a few small bumps but then I recover pretty fast and do not even notice.  Then there are other days that I hit a really rough patch and bounce all over the place trying to get my self back on a smooth path and find I need a call button.  Do I push the call button and ask for wine?  No way! I have the ultimate call button now.  I have a direct call button to God.  I do not need wine because I have Jesus he comes and takes my order, takes my hand, calming me.  Just like on a plane turbulence is always expected.  It won’t ever fully go away and the same is true with my life.   I can chose to be afraid and numb it up with some alcohol or I can truly find real peace knowing He is there helping me to me relax and enjoy the ride.

I have one more thing to add to this, along with the preferred seating I mentioned it came with perks.  One of those perks was I was given ticket vouchers for 2 free alcoholic beverages of my choice I chose a cranberry apple drink and did NOT put the vodka in it.  It was not needed God is all I need 🙂

2 Timothy 1:7   For the spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

John 14:27   Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Thanks for reading and God Bless you 🙂

The Lion

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8

I felt the lion this morning he was there lurking, ready to pounce.  If I were to dare put my guard down for just a second he would have taken that opportunity to jump on me and devour, tearing me apart piece by piece, leaving me feeling broken and worthless.

The scripture from 1 Peter describes satan as a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. We could all be that person.  We all have our weak moments.  No matter how armored with God we may think we are, all it takes is a tiny moment of weakness for satan to slip in.  Lions are nocturnal, they are their most awake at night and early morning. In the night is when they are at their peak.  In the night is when they prowl around looking for unsuspecting pray.  In the night is when I am at my weakest, I am tired and the lion knows it.  He uses that against me, sneaking in catching me when I am unsuspecting and vulnerable.  In order to keep the lion at bay I must pray armoring myself with God until I fall asleep. When morning comes and I awaken the lion is still there. He is awake, he is ready to pounce, whispering to me I’m unworthy, filling my head with lies. He uses any tactic he can find to get me off to a bad start in my day. I have to stop him in his tracks. The only way I can stop him is by getting up early to begin dressing myself in God’s armor.  I begin by praying and reading my Bible, gradually putting on each piece of armor.  The more I talk to God I begin to feel the lion backing off until I am fully clothed in Him and protected.

I wish I could say the lion is gone for an afternoon, taking a nap but unfortunately lions lay around looking like they are sleeping but they are just dozing, hence the word “cat nap”.  Like the lion who is cat napping, satan always has one eye always open, always there on the prowl ready to pounce.  Thankfully satan always backs off when I am protected by God’s armor. I am finally starting to learn I can never turn my back or take even the smallest piece of it off.  I should always be on guard, fully armed with God and ready for battle.

Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. Ephesians 6:11

Answered Prayer

How many times have I cried out in desperation to God begging for him to help me through a desperate situation only to find him not immediately answering my prayer? Almost EVERY time. What I don’t realize at the time is he has a plan. In this world we want an instant fix. But did I ever stop to think that maybe an instant fix is not what is needed. How would I learn and grow if things were always fixed instantly? How do we learn to appreciate what we have if we don’t have to work or suffer to get it. I was watching my grandson the other day. He was trying to stand. His little hands reach out and grab onto the edge of a table as he begins to try to stand he slipped and fell on his little bottom. He immediately got back up and began to try again… finally getting up on wobbly little legs he fell down again. He immediately grabbed on struggling yet again to stand. Finally his little wobbly legs held him up as he clinged onto the edge of the table he looked up at me as a look of joyful excitement crossed his face. He was standing. It wasn’t easy he fell a lot on the way but he finally made it all the way up . Sometimes in life I have found myself praying for to God to just hurry something along , to get me through it quickly. I don’t like the struggle or the pain when falling down. But in watching my grandson it dawned on me… Without the struggle to get up he would never had appreciated or enjoyed the victory. The story does not end here with him standing firmly on his feet… a few seconds latter He got so excited to be standing that he raised his little hands and let go…he wobbled and fell once more. He looked a bit surprised just for a moment then a giant grin crossed his face and he climbed right back up and stood again confidently knowing he could stand up. It was easier that time and will be easier each time he stands up. I started thinking that’s the way it is for us our whole lives. We are taking small baby steps learning to stand. We may stumble and fall along the way but each time it gets easier to get back up. We feel a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to know that we can stand as long as we have the right foundation to stand on. We can reach our hands up to Jesus, hold on to him as we try to stand. Things may be so hard sometimes that we be clinging. But if we can always trust him to hold and guide us each time we stand up. Our prayers will be answered. Maybe not the way we want or as fast as we would like but I do know they will be answered in a way that will always be worth the struggle. Thank God for your struggles because they will always make you stronger.
‘give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.’ 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Jan 24, 2012