Life on the Inside


My husband and I were sitting outside tonight looking at and old dead tree that sits just inside of the woods line in our backyard. The tree has been dead for as many years as we have lived in our house which is a little over 16 years.

Over the years the tree has changed a lot because gradually most of it’s branches have fallen off with the addition of within this past week a huge branch fell off leaving a big hole in place of where it had been.

We were sitting there looking at the tree and talking about how cool it looks because there are knots all over it and some of them look like faces stacked on top of one another. We also noticed that right at the top of the tree there is an area that looks like a crocodile head.

As we were discussing the different things we each saw on the tree suddenly we noticed something that we hadn’t noticed before….


There in the hole was a raccoon and now he was checking us out as we checked him out.

Eventually we realized there was more than one raccoon and it seems there could possibly be a whole family of raccoon’s living inside of our dead tree.


DSCN1670 - Copy_edited

What looked to us to be and old dead tree on the outside, actually was full of life on the inside.

How cool is that?! 😀