When I read a ‘Lump in My Throat” It Put a Lump In My Throat

Hi everyone! This week on the blog we are following a group of bloggers who are traveling with Compassion International in the Dominican Republic. Today I am sharing a post by Lisa and Stephen Leonard.  If you ever wonder if child sponsorship works then this is the post for you.

The title of the post today is “the lump in my throat” and I will warn you when you finish reading it you will have a lump in your throat.

The Lump in My Throat – by Lisa and Stephen Leonard

Today we visited with Josefina and her daughter, Hilde. They invited us into their freshly painted home with wall patched together with brick, found wood and cardboard. Their entire home is smaller than a typical bedroom in the US.

photo courtesy of Lisa Leornard Blog

photo courtesy of Lisa Leornard Blog

While I’m here in the DR, I want to learn first hand how Compassion is impacting lives. I want the mothers to tell me how life is different now that their child has a sponsor.

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I hope it blesses you like it did me, see you tomorrow!


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