Memory Making on the Busy Days

A couple of days ago I had to stop by the school that my kids used to go to because I had to pick something up. I wasn’t expecting it but as I walked up the walkway memories of my small children began flooding my mind.

The first time I walked my oldest daughter up that walkway for her first day of Kindergarten is still so fresh in my mind and seems like it was only yesterday…could it really be that since that day twenty six years have passed?  Five years after her first day my middle daughter started Kindergarten and then two years after her my son was the Kindergartener. As I walked into the building my mind was overflowing with precious memories of their happy little faces smiling at me as they waved goodbye before heading off to their classrooms only to reappear a few hours later rushing to meet me, excited to tell me how their day had been.  In my mind it seems like it all happened just yesterday and its really hard for me to believe just how fast the time has flown by.

When my kids were little it seemed like I was always very busy and by the time Mother’s day rolled around each year I would always have a plan in my mind that I was going to laze around all Mother’s day soaking up the sun or spend the day gardening but never quite happened that way. Instead Mother’s Day was usually an even busier day than normal for us because we would visit both mine and my husband’s moms all in the same day. By the time we would finish shuffling us and our kids from here to there the day would be pretty much over and what time I had left I was usually tired and ready for bed.

As I look back today I realize I miss those days.  I also realize looking back I would never ever trade our busy days we had for that relaxing day I used to think I wanted. Those busy Mother’s days were usually still good days, just not the way I had envisioned them to go. Memories were being made back then though at the time I didn’t realized we were right smack in the middle of memory making. I also never knew that one day I would look back and cherish those precious memories.

My husband’s mom passed away in 2010 and I realized today that I miss her…a whole lot. When I was younger I never thought about the fact that one day our mothers wouldn’t be here on Mother’s day.  Today as I visited my own mom I thought about how much I love her and how blessed I am to still have her in my life.  I think the older I get I also realize how fast time flies and also how precious each minute we have with those we love actually is.  As each day goes by more memory making is happening and at this moment in time I now notice the memory making.

After my visit with my mom today I came back home and my kids came to my house and visited me.  I could tell that they are now the ones having the busy Mother’s Day.  Somewhere along the line we all seem to have switched places and now I am the older mom/grandma and they are the young parents with the little kids rushing around to visit their mothers. I wonder if my daughters long for a relaxing day like I used to long for. I wonder if they notice the memory making that is happening that one day they will hopefully cherish too.

Today I had that lazy relaxing day that I used to long for.

I wish I would have known when I was younger that one day I would have a whole lot of time to relax on Mother’s Day and that during the time while I was relaxing I would long for the busy Mother’s Days that I used to have once again.

ybt3 001

Me, my husband and our kids, check out the 80’s hair and our family’s Christmas sweatshirts that I made for us all to wear each year lol

20150222_151827 (1)

Me and my kids now


Me and my Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!