Blessing Collecting

IMAG0114I will admit flying is not on my list of things I am fully comfortable doing.

No matter how much I do it I still feel a zing of fear go through me every single time I step on a plane.  Though I have gotten better and actually do enjoy it,  I am not truly at ease until the flight is completed and I am firmly back on solid ground.

You may be wondering if I am so scared of flying then why do I do it?  Because if I did not do it I would miss the blessing.

How would I ever see the beauty up there if I allowed myself to be captive on the ground by my fear?

How would I know the clouds are whiter and fluffier on the top than they are on the bottom?

Or how would I see a whole tropical island paradise with the ocean lapping at the shore?

Did you ever see a sunset from a plane? It’s even more spectacular in the air than it is on the ground.

Speaking of sunset, night time in a plane is pretty awesome too.  It seems like I always seem to land in St. Louis after dark and it’s absolutely amazing to see how the city looks all lit up.

I am still amazed that a plane can even get off the ground.  How is it that something that big can defy gravity and just soar through the air?

If I stayed on the ground I would never get to see the blessings God has planned for me up there.

If only we could see the other side of something before we begin it.  I can look back over my life and see that some of the biggest and most important blessings were found doing things way out of my comfort zone.

Blessings are waiting for us everywhere, not just in the good stuff but also sometimes even in the scary stuff.  We can either chose to be paralyzed with fear or we can chose to trust that God has us and that He will take care of us.

Tomorrow I will be boarding a plane to Jamaica.  My dear friend Paula and I going to hang out on the beach for the next 3 days where we are hoping to find some much needed relaxation and girl time.  As always before I fly I have that tiny bit of fear about the plane ride, but I will get on board anyway and I already know that I will  collect a few blessings.

What are you afraid of today?    Don’t let fear keep you grounded, go ahead, get on board. God has wonderful blessings all lined out for you and you don’t miss them.


Have a blessed week,