A Game of Cat and Mouse

Mr. KB

Mr. KB

The night before last I woke up at midnight to the feeling that I had a mouse on my back.  I dived out off the bed as fast as I could.  As I was waking up I saw both of my cats sitting on my bed looking at me as if they thought I had lost my mind.  My husband reassured me that I was just having a dream and convinced me to come back to bed.  I do tend to sleep walk, talk and yell out in my sleep quite often so I didn’t think too much more of it and went right back to sleep.

The next morning just as I woke up a friend called.  As I was talking to her on the phone I got out of bed and started down the hall to the kitchen. Just as I stepped out of my bedroom I saw a mouse running down the hall with both of my cats on his tail. Having no time to react I froze and the mouse ran across my foot and I began some sort of howling dancing screaming run leap jump to the center of my bed.  All the while my friend was listening to this on the phone and laughing, my poor cats ran the other way in fright and the mouse went in another bedroom and hid under the bed.  I have never seen a mouse in my house in the whole 12 years I have lived in it so it did not take to long for the horrifying image of the mouse dream I had had the night before to cross my mind.  What are the chances that I would dream I had a mouse on my back and the very next morning see a mouse in my house?  It was no coincidence, I now knew it had to be true…. those cats had brought that mouse up in my bed during the night to play with it. Yuk!

I realize now that was the beginning of not a dream but a real live nightmare.   I knew which room the mouse had went into so I duct taped the bottom of the door so he could not get out and headed to the store to buy mouse traps.  I came home placed 2 traps in the room and duct taped him back into the room.  The next morning I checked the traps and found them empty.  All day long I saw no sign of the mouse and my cats were acting very strange.  Bart our big fraidy cat would not go near the bedroom door of the room the mouse had went in and the brave cat Mr. KB decided that he would run around all day long meowing and pacing.  Finally I went to Home Depot and bought a few more mouse traps then came home put them out and opened the door to the room  I set 5 traps total.  I still never saw the mouse again and by this time was getting pretty frustrated because I wanted the mouse gone by bedtime.  I did not want to have another long night lying awake worrying that I would have a mouse in my bed again.

By the evening I was beginning tell myself that maybe the mouse must have escaped out of my house and was gone.  I was desperately trying convince myself it was true and possibly I was beginning to believe it.

Life went on as usual around my house that evening and I was busy doing other things so I finally forgot about the mouse for a while.  I finished up my evening and decided it was time for bed.  As I was heading down the hall to my bedroom I notice something gross. There sitting in the bedroom doorway was my cat, Mr. KB and along side of him was the mouse laying there… dead.  Mr. KB was meowing as if to say I have a present for you.  I told him he was my hero then I yelled for my husband to do the dirty work of disposing of the dead mouse :D.

Today I was thinking about this whole thing and I am not sure why but I began to think about God and how he does things in his time and not ours.  Just as with the Cat and the mouse, when I tried to take the mouse situation into my own hands nothing happened but when I left it alone my cat took care of it for me.   In my life I am always trying to fix things myself instead of waiting for God.   I am finding when I let it alone and quit trying to fix something I know nothing about God comes in and takes care of it for me.  It’s not always the way I would envision that it would be done, but always done and in a much better way than I would have expected it to turn out.  Though this happens to me quite often it still always takes me by surprise just as the mouse took me by surprise.  I always seem to be walking along and all the sudden I happen upon it to realize it’s already been taken care of.  Just like the cat had the situation with the mouse under control, God always has the situations of my life under control.  I just need to be patient and let things happen the way he intends for them to happen, in his time not mine.

 Psalm 40:1 I waited patiently for the Lord;he turned to me and heard my cry

Isaiah 40:31– but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.



Passing Through

Today I realized my house is very quiet.  Where did the sound of children’s shows on the television go?  The sounds of Barney, Little Bear and Rugrats?  Where are the fingerprints that used to live on the windows and mirrors?  Where are the toys that once seemed permanently scattered all over the floor? What happened to bubble bath time, I don’t want to go to bed yet time and story time?  A time when spelling words, flash cards, and science fair projects were an every day occurance.  Weekends were for little league, dance recitals or just hanging out in the backyard playing. I remember trips to the Zoo, Chucky Cheese and The Science center.  When did all that stop?

I don’t really know the day it all went away. Its funny how life just happens so fast you don’t even notice it go by.  Your right there smack dab in the middle of it all,  you blink and next thing you know that stage is over and you are in the middle of another.  Babies turn into toddlers and toddlers turn into Teenagers.  Toys are traded for first dates, dances and crushes.  One day you are pushing a stroller then the next thing you know your in the passenger seat of your car seat belted in holding on for dear life while your teenager is at the wheel learning to drive. I remember a time I thought I would never sleep again between the 3 am feedings, sick kids and new drivers out on Friday nights.

Those days are gone now, though it still seems like just yesterday to me.

My son is 20 and still lives at home with us.  But… does he really live here?  As the days go by I see him less and less.  When he is here its almost like I have a visitor.  I love sitting with him and talking.  I love visiting with the man he has become.

As for my girls they are all grown.   I now watch them having family’s of their own.  It’s a quite fun to see them doing all that mommy stuff I used to do.  They are in the middle of their lives their babies are growing up now too.  I watch as my grand daughter grows into a lovely little lady who looks so much like her mother looked at her age.  As I see my grandson toddling around and every so often I will catch a glimpse of another baby I once knew.  Life just keeps moving so fast.   I don’t dare close my eyes to long for fear I may miss something.  Each generation comes in like a tiny speck in time passing through leaving their own mark in the world.  It seems just yesterday my husband and I started our lives together as two, now we are many.  Our love was mixed together by God to grow into our children our family, a greater love than the two of us could have ever imagined.  Though my kids are grown up now in my mind they will be my babies forever.  We are all just passing through leaving our legacy to the next generation  🙂

Psalm 127:3  Children are the heritage from the Lord, Offspring a reward from him.

1 Corinthians 13:13  and now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.