As I travel the sound of fallen leaves rustle beneath my heavy footsteps.

Trees void of color surround, brown, barren and lifeless against a dark sky of winter grey.

As my feet trudge along the leaf covered path thorns of the underbrush grab painfully,

sticking and pulling trying to block me from the place I am so desperately trying to reach.

Feeling lost and tired I look ahead to see a fork,

Once only one path, now two paths I face.

The path I am on though familiar a place is treacherous and lonely, its name is Despair.

The other before me is like none I have ever traveled.

It promises to lead to a place of peace and love, its name is Trust.

Timidly I place one foot on Trust,

As I hesitate I hear “this way is not easy but alone you will never be”

I take in a breath as I move both feet forward

I know the choice of path I must take.

Faithfully I follow the soft whisper voice

leading me on Trust, my new path of choice.

Written March 3, 2011, By Terri Siebert