Baking Classes to Help Ericka Become a Chef – 12 Days of Giving Christmas Away


Today was Christmas cookie baking day at my house.

I started with M & M Cookies.


Then moved on to Peanut Blossoms.


And then for the big finish and my favorite, Fudge.

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As I was baking I started thinking about my Compassion Sponsor child ‘Ericka’.  This past September I had the opportunity to visit Ericka in El Salvador.


The Moment we Met… Ericka and Me

me and Ericka

Ericka and Me at the Water Park

ericka family

Heraldo our interpretor, Ericka’s Father Salvador, Me, Ericka, and her Teacher

One of the things Ericka shared with me me during our visit is that she wants to be a Chef when she grows up.

The very next day after visiting Ericka we visited a Compassion project in San Salvador that had a baking class.

ES baking

Children in Baking Class at a Compassion Project in San Salvador, El Salvador

In the baking class the children were learning how to cook, and that day they were making garlic bread loaves. We were all able to sample them and they were delicious!


The kids really seemed to enjoy the class and shared with us what they were learning and they told us they wanted to be chefs when they grew up.

By being in Compassion’s sponsorship program they were able to be a part of this class and they were learning a very valuable skill that would not only help them at home to safely prepare meals, but also would help them in the future as a job skill they would be able to use for creating and selling food in the market.

This was something I didn’t realize was available to the children and when I saw this I realized that what Ericka had said the day before about wanting to be a chef someday was actually a possibility and it was something she could learn right in her Compassion project!

How exciting is that?!!

So that brings me to today’s Giving Christmas Away gift the gift of Baking Classes.

As you have just read, learning to cook can be very valuable gift for a child in poverty.

To give the gift of a Baking Class just click the picture below of the little girl in the apron and it will take you to the gifts page

es baking girl

She is one of the kids I met in the baking class in El Salvador, just look at that smile. She was one very joyful little girl 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Terri Siebert

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A Gift of Pictures

Last week I was scrolling through Facebook and saw that a friend of mine had posted a picture of some children who were singing at a Compassion project in El Salvador.

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Will You Step Into the Boat?

I would like to introduce you to Darlyn.

t 001 - Copy

Darlyn is 8 years old and she is part of a brand new Compassion project in El Salvador named “Casa de Pan” which means “House of Bread.”  I have been advocating for Darlyn for several months in the hopes of helping her connect with a sponsor but so far nobody has sponsored her 😦

On September 12, I will have the privilege of traveling with Compassion International and a group of women on a vision trip and retreat to El Salvador. Our group has been praying for this new project, the workers, and children since April. While on this trip we will get to visit the new project, meet the children and help to bring encouragement to the pastors and workers of the project.

And I will also get to meet Darlyn!

I am praying that by time I visit her in September she will have received her new sponsor.

As most of you know I sponsor 3 children through Compassion International, My kids pictures are over on the sidebar if you would like to meet them.  I have also been on a trip with Compassion and have seen first hand what they do and I can promise you they are truly helping to change lives, with Jesus being the foundation of those life changes.

Today I would like to share a story that I posted in 2013. I wrote this story when I was on a Compassion Sponsor tour in Haiti and a sweet little girl named Rose came up to me and grabbed me by the hand and ‘chose’ me to be her sponsor. When you finish reading it if you would like more information about how you can help make a difference in Darlyn’s life, you can leave me a comment or email me at

I hope you enjoy….



A stormy day, riding through the streets of a busy crowded city, racing to our boat, we are late.



As we pull up to the dock,  dark clouds are looming hanging low over the ocean, large waves crashing at the shore.

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Thanks for reading and have a great evening,