Mr. KB’s Sticky Situation

This is the face you make when you are a cat and you are angry with your person for not warning you that they had changed up the morning routine.

Anyone who has a cat knows that cats are pretty routine and most of them don’t really like it when you mess with the schedule.

My cat Mr. KB loves routine and today I realized that he and I have a routine that I guess I never really thought much about until now.

The usual routine is that when I go into my office to work or study he runs ahead of me and jumps up on top of the desk.  At precisely the exact moment that my rear end hits the chair is when his feet hit the desktop. He then usually settles in beside me until I’m finished with whatever I’m doing.

If it’s morning time I will bring a cup of coffee to my desk so when he sees me with the coffee he knows it time to go in the office.

But today what Mr. KB didn’t know was that I had already made a buttered and jellied bagel and had put it on the desk before I went for my coffee.

Seeing me with coffee in hand heading for the office he knew it was time but because I didn’t think about his routine of diving on to the desk, and Mr. KB wasn’t expecting me to change my routine and have breakfast waiting on the desk, Mr. KB to landed right in the middle of my bagel!

Needless to say, Mr. KB’s whole routine was immediately thrown out of whack.

If you want to see something funny and not so funny all rolled into one… just imagine a butter and jelly-covered cat and a woman with a cup of coffee in her hand trying to catch the butter and jelly-covered cat and a plate of food before any of them land on the carpet.

Success!!  😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Mr. KB is all cleaned up now and my life is back to a normal routine, but from the way he’s been glaring at me all morning, I think this routine change thing may have totally ruined Mr. KB’s whole day.


A Stinky Smelly Situation in My Kitchen and No This is Not Another Post About Cat Puke




Mr. KB

A few months back my cat Mr. KB was sick.  He’s all well now but he is now on a special diet for his condition.  The special diet is just fine with him but there is a problem with his new diet and that is the fact that I have two cats and that my other cat ‘Bart’ is now also on the special diet. The vet thought it would be better to put both of them on the same diet so there is no chance of Mr. KB accidentally getting the wrong food, because the wrong food could make Mr. KB sick again.

The new food is perfectly ok with both cats and they seem to like it a lot, but there is one small problem….

The problem is that I used to give them kitty treats first thing every morning and then another one again at bed time and the company who makes the food does not make kitty treats in the special diet.

Mr. KB is just fine with not having treats anymore but Bart being a kitty who does not like change is still not over the fact that he does not get treats anymore.  I tried fooling him into thinking I was still giving him a treat by placing cat food in the treat container, this used to work when I ran out of treats in the past, but for some reason it does not work any more. Every single day never fail Bart still expects his treat.  He waits in the morning and when he doesn’t get it he sits up on his back legs and begs for one.  Finally after an hour of begging he will settle down and reluctantly move on into his day but then at bedtime he starts waiting and begging again.  He also gets quite vocal when I go to bed and he realizes he will not be getting a treat again by coming into my bedroom to remind me that I seem to have forgotten the treat by meowing the most loudest meow I have ever heard over and over again.

A few times I tried to sneak Bart a treat when Mr. KB wasn’t looking but a few minutes after I give him a treat he got sick and puked (I promise this is not another post about cat puke) I spoke to the vet about this a few weeks ago and she told me the reason he got sick is because his system is accustom to the special diet now and that the treats will not set well on his tummy. She also said I should not allow either of the cats to have any food other than their new food.  She then told me that I could make treats for them out of the canned version of the special diet. I was so excited to find out this news and I bought a couple of cans of the canned food deciding I would try to make the treats!

To make the treats I was told that I would have to take tiny pinches of the canned food, roll the pinches into balls, then flatten them and place them on cookie sheets to bake in the oven. Sounds easy enough…right?  Unfortunately it was not as easy as it sounded and here is how it really went down…

First of all the canned food was very runny with gloppy shredded chunks of meat in it so rolling it into balls was not an option.  Instead it was more like taking teeny tiny bits and dripping them on the cookie sheet and then trying to squish them into some sort of flat chunky mini puddles.

Secondly the food was the most horrible smelling stuff I have ever smelled in my life! It smelled like a cross between the strongest nastiest smelling tuna I have ever smelled and ….well I guess the strongest nastiest smelling tuna I have ever smelled! bluh!  And to top number one and number two off, the real truth is that I am just not your Martha Stewart kinda Gal.  Spending an hour placing puddles of sickening tuna smelling mush on a cookie sheet to make home made kitty treats is just not my idea of a fun afternoon! 😦

Once I got the hundreds of little puddle looking balls of stinky mush onto the cookie sheets I began baking them as I was directed to do and within moments I had the fresh sickening aroma of these wonderful gross little creations wafting through my house. The smell was so overpowering I had to move myself outside to the back deck until they were finished baking.

As I sat on my deck I wondered if that smell would leave my house or if my house would forever smell like rotting tuna. Another thing that I thought about was that my cats had better love these treats after all this trouble… though at the same time I think I secretly hoped that they would not like them because I did not want to have to make them ever again!

After about 30 minutes of baking the treats were ready to take out of the oven and cool.  By now both cats were sitting at my feet looking at me with ‘what’s for dinner’ looks on their faces.  After they cooled a little bit I decided to give them each a sample.  Feeling quite proud of myself I sat one in front of each cat expecting them to fully love my new creations. Both cats began smelling them and then KB took his paw and pushed his treat around a bit, smelled it again several more times and then he walked away!  Bart smelled his treat one time, sat down, looked at me and let out a huge meow as if to say “I’m not trying that thing! What else do you have?”

Neither one of them would even taste the treats! They just sniffed and that’s it! I was not sure if this was a good thing or bad thing!?  Should I be upset that I spent my whole afternoon and stunk up my house to have my cats turn up their noses in disgust at these lovely little morsels I had just slaved over? Or should I pick them both up and hug them and kiss them while tears of joy streamed down my face in relief that I never had to make these stinky things ever again?

Well I didn’t go all ‘tears of joy’ but later in the day I did happen to find myself happy dancing all the way to the garbage disposal. Nothing was solved today other than me finding out that I do not like making cat treats and my cats do not like cat treats that I make.  So at least we are on the same page about something.  I do feel bad for Bart but I think he will eventually get over it.

This was my last day of writing for the series 31 Days of Hushin’ My Mouth as you probably have already noticed I did not write every day like I had planned to do. I only wrote 16 out of 31 days though that is way more than my usual average of about one time a week.  I did also learn something through all this…  Because I was trying to pay attention more and also think of something to write about each day I did take more time to try to slow down and listen to God better. I did see more of what he was trying to show me each day and I do actually think I noticed things I would have not normally noticed before, I just did not write about them all here on the blog.

When I started this blog I only did it because I felt like it was something God wanted me to do.  I never really considered myself a writer and still really don’t, though I do like to write stuff down. I journal a lot but most of that is just musings or things that I want to remember later in my life so I document them in my journal. I really don’t have time to write a blog post every single day.  If you write a blog you know it takes time to get them ready to publish… or maybe you don’t have that problem??  If not I don’t want to know…LOL…  If you do then I guess you understand 🙂  Mostly though I just really want to do what I think God wants me to do and I do not feel like writing every day is what he wants me to do right now, though I do know that with God you just never quite know what  he may ask you to do in the future so who knows maybe some day, just not today.

It still amazes me at times that I actually have readers that read my posts and some of you actually come back day after day and read them all.  If you are reading this right now, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to come over here and read what I have to say today.

Have a wonderful evening or day depending on what time it is wherever you are and God bless you,


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What does Stepping in Cat Puke have to do with Taking God to Work?


The Plan….

I set my alarm before I went to bed last night for 5:00 a.m.  Since I have started this writing challenge I figured I would get up have my quiet time with God and then write my blog post before work.

What really happened….

My alarm went off, I sat up turned it off, grabbed my Bible off my nightstand, lay back down and started to read….the next thing I knew I woke up to my ceiling clock glaring 7:45 at me. Ugh! I dragged myself out of bed got in the shower for my own rendition of those old Coast soap commercials….remember those??

If not here are a couple to refresh your memory

I did NOT come out of the shower all bright eyed and happy like the people in the commercials did, I think it may be because instead of Coast soap I had some pretty pink citrus smelling body wash.  {Mental note to self….Next time you go shopping get Coast soap… not only do you need to hush your mouth you need to have Coast soap to open your eyes – it says so in the commercial, we all know commercials on tv are true (insert eye roll here) }.  Since the shower did not work I headed off to the kitchen for the next best thing….COFFEE!

Did I ever mention I am not a morning person?? you can ask anyone in my family and they will tell you this, when I first get up in the morning I need about an hour of just peace and quiet until I fully wake up. So I pretty much stick to the same routine each day because I can’t think to well outside of that routine until I am wide awake.

So this morning I am late and now heading my freshly showered, still tired, and cranky self down the dark hallway to the kitchen to get myself a cup of coffee.  I was just about to step out of the hallway into the kitchen when all the sudden my bare foot landed in something squishy! OH YUK! I had no idea what it was but the minute it happened I wanted to puke.  I flipped on the lights and upon further investigation I discovered that one of my cats had puked and now it was all over my foot and my stomach was telling me yep I may puke too 😥

I turned myself immediately back around, got back in the shower, scrubbed my feet, and then went back into the hallway proceeded to clean up the puke.  (bet you never thought you would be reading a blog about puke did you? And its only day 2 😀 )  The next thing I did was really a stupid thing to do… I decided I would clean up the bigger portion of the mess with toilet paper before I mopped and I flushed it down the toilet so the puke would not be stinking up the trash can. BIG mistake!  The toilet backed up and overflowed all over my bathroom….. ugh!

I cleaned that up and it was back to the shower again for me and still no wonderful eye opening wake up happend and that was my 2nd and a half shower of the morning.

For time sake I will just give you a quick run down of the rest of my morning/day.

  • I finally got my coffee made,
  • Got partway to work realizing I forgot my coffee
  • Went back home got my coffee
  • Halfway to work I dumped coffee all over myself
  • Went back home changed clothes
  • Finally got to work
  • At work I discovered the bulletin I needed to print for Sunday’s service was printing all jumbled up for some reason
  • Fixed the print problem
  • The copier then ran out of red ink
  • Reloaded the red ink
  • Got red ink all over my hands and shirt
  • Washed my hands
  • realized the paper towel dispenser was jammed up
  • Dried my hands on my jeans
  • while I am writing this I just remembered I forgot to call someone to repair the paper towel dispenser…oops
  • I went in the sanctuary to work on the service for Sunday
  • Found out that the internet was not working in our sanctuary computer
  • tried to fix the internet but never could
  • I will stop with the list now because I am sure you have heard enough
  • Oh wait I forgot to write that I forgot to eat breakfast AND lunch so I was starving all day 😛

What does this have to do with Hushin’ my mouth??

I will be honest I really do not have a clue other than maybe I was so wrapped up in my crazy day that I realized here at the end of the day I never had my quiet time with God this morning but as I am writing this something just hit me…Even though I did not have that quiet time in the morning I still talked to Him a lot during the day and realized that when the day was all over other than being hungry from not eating I was actually in a good mood and once I got home from work I finally was able to settle down and read my Bible and have quiet time with him.

I think what God is trying to say to me today is that I don’t always have to have a structured set out time to spend with Him. Though I usually try to get out of bed each morning and immediately spend time with Him today I realized that I wasn’t done after that and maybe its better to spend ALL day with Him.  Instead of having a morning time and then leaving him, today I saw that he was there all day, my coworker and friend, and I realize now he was also my peace.  Without him I am not sure I would have gotten through today in a good mood.  Most that stuff that happened today was really just minor irritations but it could have went in a whole different direction had I not brought God along to work with me today.

Thankfully I stepped in cat puke or I would have never noticed all this.

And that folks is what stepping in cat puke has to do with taking God to work 🙂

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back tomorrow with day 3,

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Mr. KB Wishes He Knew the Plan


This is my cat, Mr. KB.  The poor little guy is sick today  😦

He has an appointment with the veterinarian at 3:00 but until then the doctor has asked me to keep him confined to his pet carrier. He told me that they will be running some tests on him and needs a full bladder. He said confining him to the pet carrier will make that happen though I don’t see how because instead of drinking his water he keeps dumping it all over himself and though I have dried him off several times he is still a soaking wet mess.

I feel so bad for him because he is just sitting in his pet carrier looking sad and frightened and I can tell he is also very angry at me. Every once in a while he will let out a sad howling meow to let me know he is not happy with this situation one bit.

I can imagine that right now to him the situation he is in seems very scary and he can not see that his confinement is really for his own good.  What he also does not know is that things are going to get a whole lot worse before they begin to get better.

Things Mr. KB does not know yet-

  • In a little while we will be going for a ride in the car which scares him terribly.
  • He will then arrive at a place where there are people and animals he is not familiar with…he hides when company comes to visit so I know he is not going to like this one bit.
  • Then he will be poked and prodded by the doctor.

Even though all of this will be for his own good he will not understand at all and I am positive this whole ordeal is going to be very very scary for him.

Hopefully a few days from now when he is feeling much better he will know that everything that happened today was worth all this scary stuff and he will be over being angry at me.

Watching Mr KB’s behavior today has got me to thinking about how his situation is exactly how my situation is at times.  I have been dealing with a lot of health issues, I have a friend who is very sick and a few other friends and family members going through some pretty tough things right now.  Some of this stuff has been going on for quite some time (4 years) and at times I have questioned God as to why it all keeps happening and I also have wondered if this stuff will end anytime soon and I will also admit that a few times I have also been angry.

Waiting on God can be really hard sometimes and just like Mr. KB does not know what the final outcome is for him today; I don’t have a clue what the final outcome of God’s plan is for me either.

Though Mr. KB is feeling sick and scared right now the truth is that he is actually in very good hands.  He may have to go through a few things that he doesn’t like and what seems like a really bad situation to him right now is actually going to be over soon.  All of this is what is needed for him to get well.

Just like Mr. KB we all find ourselves in situations that we don’t like sometimes.  During those times things may seem scary and out of control, but we have to trust that God IS in control, He does have a plan and it’s always a good plan and in the end it will all work out for the best. Unfortunately sometimes we may have to go through some pretty hard stuff before we see what the final outcome of that plan is.

No matter how tough things get we have to hold on to God and trust him through it all. Remembering God always knows what’s best for us, His plan is always a good plan and no matter what happens God is still good and He loves us.

Thanks for reading,

A Stubborn Little Guy



The picture above is my cat Bart.  He’s sweetheart but sometimes Bart can be a stubborn little guy.

Today Bart came down the hall meowing at me the way he does when he wants me to pick him up, but when I reached down to pick him up he backed away.  I went back to what I was doing and a few minutes later he came back meowing again. I reached down to pick him up again and once again he backed away.  This time I decided to go after him and pick him up anyway.  But the closer I came to him the farther he would run away, letting me get close but never close enough to touch him.

Finally after a few minutes of this nonsense I stopped chasing after him and I shook my finger at him saying, “Bart, make up your mind!  I’m not going to beg you to let me pick you up. You’re the one who came crying to me but if your going to keep running away then don’t keep coming in here meowing at me every 15 minutes!”

About 15 minutes later he came back meowing and this time I tried hard to ignore him.

The more I ignored him the more louder he meowed.  Soon he began walking around my legs so that I could not walk or even begin to ignore him.  Sighing I reached down and this time he finally let me pick him up. I cuddled him and and told him I did not understand why he felt he had to be so stubborn all the time.   I then kept hugging and petting him letting him know how much I loved him.  I never figured out what it was that Bart wanted other than my attention and I am still not sure why that cat is so finicky like that.  It was very obvious he needed me to pick him up from the first time he meowed at me and it made not a bit of sense why he was so stubborn about letting me do it.

Later I got to thinking about Bart and I realized that is exactly how I behave with God sometimes.

A few days ago I did something that I know was not very pleasing to God. The day after I did it I felt terrible about what I had done. I quickly went to God and I apologized but for some reason after I apologized I still kept him at bay most of day. On and off all day I would go toward him but then I would back off.  Each time I came to him it felt to me like he was telling me it was okay to come to him but I just could not seem to let him get very close to me.  Though he was always there each time, something I notice now is that he never begged me to come to him and he never chased me down, he just waited. .

Finally later that afternoon after spending most the day running away I went to him and instead of ignoring me he reached down right away and scooped me up.  He listened to what I had to say and then he did the best thing of all he wrapped his arms around me and he let me know he still loved me anyway.

The thing I realized the most in all this is that God had already forgiven me for what I had done the day before and I had wasted a whole day running away from him because I had not yet forgiven myself (like I thought I could run away from God?!).  Sometimes I think forgiving myself is a pretty hard thing to do .  Thankfully God does forgive me and he wants ME to forgive me too.  I just have to quit being so stubborn and stop running away from him and trust in his promises. I need to just Let him love me like I truly know he does.

Just like my Cat Bart is a stubborn little guy I will admit his owner is sometimes a little stubborn too.

Do you have something that you need to talk to God about today? Don’t waste precious time being stubborn like I did and running away from God.  Instead run toward him.  I promise he will be there waiting for you. He really wants to listen to you and he loves you very much.

Have a blessed day and thanks for reading, T