Everyone Deserves a Fair Chance

I’ve moved!

You can check out my latest blog post “Everyone Deserves a Fair Chance‘ over at A Journey to a Masterpiece


Hi There!

This is just a quick note to let you know from now on I will be blogging over at my new blog –  A Journey to A Masterpiece.


It will be the same content you have always read here but just with a new blog home and new blog name.

If you visit my new blog be sure you sign up to follow via email or your favorite reader.  Because my new blog is a WordPress.org blog it may not show up in the WordPress.com reader but you can manually add it to your WordPress.com reader by following these directions -> (directions here).

I want to say thank you to everyone of you who have visited A Story By Me over the past 3 years and for  your likes and comments.  I am so thankful and blessed by the fellowship and the friendships that have been made here.

In case you missed it here is the new address….  https://terrisiebert.com/

and I’ll see you soon!

Have a great evening!


Music Monday ~ At the Cross (Love Ran Red)

This week the song that seemed to touch me the most was Chris Tomlin’s At the Cross. (to read more of this post please pop over to my new blog –  A Journey to a Masterpiece. 

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Have a great day,


Music Monday on Tuesday

I have wanted to start a new feature on my blog for the past two Mondays called music Monday, but for some reason Mondays always seem to slip away from me.  Maybe its because Mondays are so busy!

When I woke up this morning and realized I had missed another Music Monday opportunity so I made the executive decision that having Music Monday on Tuesday would work so much better for me than Mondays would.  Since this is my blog I guess I can do whatever I want on here and have decided that in honor of busy Mondays everywhere we will have Music Monday on Tuesday on this blog.

Check out the rest of this post on my new blog ‘Journey to A Masterpiece

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