Winter is Here!

You never know what you’re gonna get as far as the weather is concerned in Missouri.

The unusually hot weather we had most of September and October led me to believe that Fall was never actually going to happen this year.  But then at the end of October, the tree leaves had finally started to turn which is really late in the season for us.

We then had about  2 weeks of cooler weather and now today I wake up to SNOW!


I love how the leaves in our yard are still a mix of 3 seasons right now.  One tree still has full green leaves on it, another is bright red with Fall leaves, and lastly, we have another that has lost all of its leaves. I guess that barren tree along with the snow means that Winter is going to, has actually arrived.


I’m not really a winter person, but if we have to have Winter then bring on the snow because I really do love the snow.  I just wish the temperature could be just a teeny tiny bit warmer when it snows… Okay, make that a LOT warmer 😀

2 thoughts on “Winter is Here!

  1. Freedomborn says:

    I Love your Photos T, in Aussie Land it’s now Summer and some-days are very hot but others are milder especially when it rains which we do need.

    But I would love to see and feel the Snow again T, it’s been about 30 years since our Trip to the Mountains in Winter, we have mostly gone in Summer.

    Now T what time will you pick me up from the Airport ? and do I need to bring some mittens or can you lead me some of yours and a Bennie too of course.

    Wishing and Hoping – Annie.


    • Terri says:

      Thank you Anne! I love Summer but love snow too. Wow 30 years is a long time to not see the snow. I guess you had better get over here… unfortunately though if its snow you want its supposed to be warm again by Thursday so the snow will not be happening this trip… and the mittens and beanie will most likely not be needed either. If you get to the airport then I will pick you up 😉

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