Hopping all Over the Place

I used to blog here and then I blogged there and now I’m back here again.

That sounds like a mixed-up-I-can’t-make-my-mind-up kind of statement, doesn’t it?

Take a break from reading this post for just a moment and look at the page you are reading from. You will now notice that there is a different name at the top of the blog.

Actually, you will notice a different everything on this blog.

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile then you may or may not have noticed that you’ve been on a blog-hopping journey for quite some time now.

January 1, 2012.  That was the day that I started this blog and this is the place where it all began. You are now at ‘A Story by Me.’

Those of you who have been following since the beginning know that this blog’s whole purpose was because God told me to write it and at that time of my life, I was about a year into my journey with Jesus.

I may or may not have shared this part before – writing a blog is way out of my comfort zone…. and it is sometimes really hard for me to share my thoughts publically.

But I did.

Every time I would publish a post I would always think to myself, “could this be this last one?” But then a few days later something would happen and God would prompt me that I needed to write about it and share it.

All seemed to be going great and then one day I decided I needed a nicer blog site.  So  I left this blog, directing my domain name to a brand new self-hosted blog and then changed the blog name and also the whole look of the blog.

Shortly after moving to the new blog I pretty much lost interest in blogging.

Since I now had a self-hosted blog and I am not as technologically inclined as I thought I was, I spent a whole lot of time working to keep the blog up and running and never seemed to have time to write.  And…when I did have time to write, I seemed to have some crazy block in my brain and I couldn’t think of anything at all to write about.

Can you see where I am going with this?

Moving the blog wasn’t part of God’s plan.

This is his blog, not my blog and I’ve known that since the beginning.

All He wanted me to do was write and share.


He didn’t tell me to move to a bigger and better platform and spend all of my time trying to figure out all of the technical aspects of self-hosting a blog.

He didn’t tell me that I needed to change the blog name to something that sounded more catchier than the name my blog already had.

He didn’t tell me to do a lot of things that I did.

I had one simple thing to do but now I had turned it into a whole lot of hard things to do. 

Sometimes it’s still hard for me when it comes to this God thing. When I was a newer Christian it seemed to come easier for me than it does now. It used to be that God would tell me to do something and I would just do it. Recently he’s shown me that somewhere along the way, I have started trying to jump ahead of him.  I am the one who makes things hard when they don’t have to be hard.

Somehow I had forgotten that it’s His job to lead and all I have to do is follow.

I recently took a little journey through some of my old posts and I realized now why this blog is even here at all. It’s for people like me. The ones aren’t perfect. the ones who may be hurting, the ones who may feel unloved or lonely.  The ones who may feel forgotten and afraid.  It’s for the people who just need Jesus in their lives. Those who already know him and most of all for those who don’t.

This blog is not about me, it’s about Him, JESUS and how he can take the most messed up broken people and put them back together again when they let him in.

Why do I need a beautiful blog site when I have a beautiful savior to share?

Isn’t Jesus all anyone really needs to see?



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