Bite Back – Day 9 of 12 Days of Giving Christmas Away

Did you know that every minute a child around the world dies from Malaria?

What this means is…

that In the amount of time it took me to brush my teeth this morning, 2 children died from Malaria.

During my 20 minute trip through the grocery store… 20 children died from Malaria.

While I had lunch with a friend… 60 children died from Malaria.

While I watch a movie later this evening… 120 children will die from Malaria.

And when I go to bed tonight by the time I wake up 480 children will have died from Malaria!

Did you know that malaria is fully treatable and also preventable? 

No child should have to die from something that is totally preventable and that is why today’s 12 Days of Giving Christmas Away gift is – the gift of Mosquito Nets.

Malaria is true reality for families living in poverty in over half of the world and to think that it could be prevented yet kids are still dying from this seems totally wrong.

It only costs $18 to help protect a child from catching this deadly disease.

If you would like to help by donating a mosquito net you can click the picture below. malaria-intervention-infographic








Thank you for your help,

Terri Siebert

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