No Time to Write Because I Want to Read A Book and Go to Sleep

Hey There! As you probably know by now for the past 5 days I have been talking about giving Christmas away on the blog.  Another thing you probably know is that I have said I will be doing this for 12 days in a row and I am not someone who usually writes a blog post every day.

So this post makes post number 6…. that is 6 in a row and for me that may be some some sort of record….but tonight I almost messed that up. I have been busy busy busy since 5:30 am and here in Missouri it’s now 12:00 am and the truth is I had planned to go to bed and read till I slipped off into dreamland, which probably would have came quicky for me tonight.

I had my jammies on and was under the covers snuggling in with my book when suddenly I felt the nudge. You know the nudge you feel when the Holy Spirit says, “Um excuse me, you seem to have forgot something.”

I lay there minute thinking, I am tired and I can do it in the morning. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t turn off the feeling that I needed to write this post now. So here I am writing it even though I really have no words in my brain to write, because my brain is maybe already sleeping.

Also there are so so many gifts to chose from it is hard to decide which gift is most needed but after a little bit of praying and looking over the list of gifts I am planning to share this week I am thinking maybe the best way to give Christmas away today is  giving the gift of books….after all, reading is what I was doing when I almost forgot to write this post. And books are needed. BIG time.

Did you know that textbooks are hard for children in poverty to get?

Schools are very crowded and many schools don’t have enough textbooks and many don’t have any textbooks at all. Can you imagine going to school and not having any books? That is a sad reality for many children.

Children really need books!

When you help provide books for a library at a Compassion Project you will give children tools for an education and help strengthen their minds.

Sooooooo without further ado here is the link –> gc-fy16_scholarship_150x150

Now it’s off to bed for me!

Thank you for reading and for shopping for books.

See you tomorrow!

Terri Siebert




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4 thoughts on “No Time to Write Because I Want to Read A Book and Go to Sleep

  1. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    No doubt with Compassion the Textbooks etc will be beneficial for the Children? as an R.A or Scripture Teacher and visiting Schools, I found not so good Secular books also available for the Children to read in their libraries, such as topics like Evolution and even some that had Occult practices in them but in Cartoon format of course…. Rubbish in , Rubbish out!

    Thanks for the info T on Aussie Compassion I will check out their Website tomorrow.

    Christian Love – Anne.


    • Terri says:

      Yes the textbooks will be beneficial to the children. When I was in school they taught evolution, and last year my grand daughter brought home homework where they were teaching evolution.. My grand daughter said to her mother, “mom why are there still monkeys if we came from monkeys?? I thought that was a very wise observation she made…. if a 4th grader can see that us coming from monkeys is far fetched then why on earth would a bunch of grownups believe it?! Thankfully my grand daughter is being home schooled now. anyway.. I am rambling. I am pretty sure if the books are for the Compassion project school they will be good books for children. Have a good day and thanks for commenting!


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