The Ripple Effect

The Ripple EffectYesterday I had a lot on my mind and since it was a beautiful fall day I decided that a walk in the park would be a good way to hopefully organize my thoughts.

As I walked  I noticed there seemed to be a lot of ducks and geese hanging out on the lake and it looked as if they were enjoying the beautiful day too.The ripple effect the ripple effectSome of them were hanging around the outside of the lake and others were in the water just gliding along.the ripple effect

I soon found myself giving up on my walk and just sitting on a bench watching. I’m not sure what it was, but watching them gliding along gave me a feeling of peace inside.

They seemed to move effortlessly across the water and something I noticed was the way they would glide along cutting across the natural ripples of the water, causing two new ripples to go out in a V shape behind them.the ripple effect

The new ripples they made went in two totally different directions than the original ripple of the water.

I also noticed that every single time any goose or duck would glide by there would always be that same identical pattern of the V and two ripples going out behind them.the ripple effect

As each went by leaving two new ripples in the water behind them I couldn’t help but be reminded of how we people also move through our daily lives and how we too can leave ripples behind us.

Everywhere we go we have the ability to leave behind a ripple; and those ripples, just like the ripples the geese left have the capability to go in more than one direction.

We can leave behind good ripples or we can leave behind bad ripples.

And the ripples we leave behind have the ability to live on forever..

The Human Ripple Effect

My life has changed over the course of the past five years because of someone’s ripple crossing my path.

Five years ago I was a bit of a mess…okay make that a lot of a mess! During that time it looked on the outside as if I had everything I could ever possibly want but inside I always felt as if I was missing something and I was always trying to fill that void. I shopped a lot, I yelled a lot and I drank a lot.

During that time of my life, life ended for a Christian that I knew and I was there to see him go, which left me wanting to know more about God. It was also close to that time that a friend shared a lot with me about their own faith in Jesus and then a ‘Jesus Calling‘ book arrived in my mailbox which had words in it that told me how much Jesus loved me.

I was amazed that Jesus could really love someone like me.

A ripple in a new direction from the life I had been living was started and because of that ripple my whole life has totally changed.

Though my life changed because of that good ripple there still have been a few bad ripples that have crossed that ripple.

For example – One time someone said some things to me that let me know they did not think I was in the right place in my Christian walk. Shortly after those remarks were made I began to critique myself on everything I did and I even began questioning my faith. I began worrying that the direction God had been leading me in my life was of my own making instead of His making….All lies…and the effects of a bad bad ripple.

BUT…God still remained the same, and He kept reminding me that it was Him that I was to please and only him I was to believe. I had let one bad ripple start making waves in my life which was causing all the good ripples to be out of wack.

Thankfully I realized that those things that had been said to me were not true at all.

I am no God expert but one of the things that I do know about God is that He uses us to help him do his work. Unfortunately satan uses people to do his work too.

I am so glad we have the power to choose who it is we want to believe, who we want to work for and what type of ripples we want to leave behind.

We can choose to leave behind a good ripple or a bad ripple.

Good ripples bring more people to Jesus.

Bad ripples can chase them away from Him.

Today I am asking myself… what sort of ripple effect is my life creating?

Do I want to leave behind ripples that chase people away from Jesus or do I want to leave the type of ripples that lead straight to Him?

What about you? What sort of ripple effect do you want to leave behind?

Last night I saw a video on Facebook that I thought fit with this post perfectly. After you watch it come back and leave a comment telling me your thoughts about it.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day,

Terri Siebert

2 thoughts on “The Ripple Effect

  1. writerwannabe763 says:

    It’s funny because today when my husband and I were out shopping, the traffic slowed and so my husband let another car who was wanting out of a parking lot, out in front of us and a short time later traffic was still slow and we noticed that the car we let out, made a point of letting someone out in front of him… I remarked to my husband that if everyone did a kindness for someone else, it could spread one by one and before you knew it the world would be a better place…. Your post is definitely a good example of the ‘ripple’ effect! Diane


  2. Juanita says:

    Wonderful blog and video. It makes me sad that anyone would criticize. I’m happy that you did not let it stifle your love for God and your sharing. I love how you express yourself. God has truly given you a gift for sharing your inner thoughts. God bless you.


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