Unforgettable Jonathan

About a week ago I read a blog post that has stuck with me all this week. It was written by a one of my fellow Compassion Blogger friends Kerri over at Giving Gratefully.  Her post is so beautifully written and I am sure it had to be very hard for her to write.  As I read it I could feel the pain and the compassion she felt for a young boy named Jonathan and his mother that she had met in Guatemala while traveling with Compassion International.

Sometimes we can’t understand so all we can do is pray and cling on the the promises in God’s word….

Unforgettable Jonathan ~ By Kerri Kaczynski


My eyes had been open all week, taking in the poverty, the difficulties and challenges, and the sometimes seemingly hopeless situations of the families we visited.

My heart was full of the details of their lives, of their struggles and their hopes. I saw the pain in their eyes as they shared their stories, the raw, human pain, and it hurt to see it. There were broken families, alcoholism and even death, all to be dealt with in addition to unimaginable poverty.

And on the last day of home visits, we met another family living in poverty, this time in a dangerous “red zone” in Guatemala City. This family also was struggling with challenges, but my heart was too full, there was no more room to squeeze in this family’s story. Or there was room, but this family’s reality hurt too much to let it in.

It was like the last drop of water before the bucket overflowed, and frankly, I was tired, and didn’t want the bucket to overflow.

You can continue reading the rest of this post over at Givinggratefully.com . Be sure to leave your comments on Kerri’s blog so she will see them.

3 thoughts on “Unforgettable Jonathan

  1. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    Dear T as you asked I have commented on Kerri’s blog, Hailey and Jasmine are spending the weekend with me again but I hope to be able to have time to read some more of your Posts that I have missed and the same with others I follow but I will e-mail you sometime today, thank you for keeping me up to date, I will be praying for you dear friend.

    Take Care – Love – Anne.


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