Church on the Beach

I took these pictures last Sunday morning while vacationing in the Dominican Republic.
I couldn’t go to church that day because we had to catch an early flight home. Since our resort was on the beach I decided to go down to the beach to watch the sunrise. As I watched the sky change from dark to light I could feel God’s presence surrounding – to continue reading click here

6 thoughts on “Church on the Beach

  1. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    I tried again to comment on your new Blog T but I still have to put in my details although not my name which is strange, perhaps there is no other way but as I shared having had problems before I’m not prepared to do this again.

    But I did receive your Post and Wow the Photos were very beautiful and yes wherever we are we can worship God in Awe and in Thankfulness for His blessings and as The Body of Christ, His Church, we also come together Praising and Worshiping Him in Unity.

    I very much appreciate the Song below T it confirms the need for the wholeness of The Body of Christ, we are One in Him, the same as the Song “A New Commandment I give unto you that you Love one another” do you know these songs too ? they have Power because they are confirmed in Scripture, we are to be in Loving Unity and in agreement with all of God’s Truth, not just parts of it as some claim which is not confirmed in Scripture but aiming to have the same mind and focus by asking God for His wisdom and empowering is a good start if there is disagreement and this is confirmed, so we will have disagreement at times but we are to resolve it not just ignore it so we can have the Unity of The Body and show we have the mind of Christ..

    Blessings- Anne.

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    • Terri says:

      Hi Anne, I am still trying to figure out the other blog. It is a self hosted blog not hosted by but just have a wordpress template. I am still figuring out how I am going to have the settings. I just finally figured out yesterday how to allow people to comment while being signed into I did go to my own blog not signed in and then again signed in to see what would happen by doing a test comment. I was able to do it both ways. thank you so much for leaving your kind comment about my pictures, God painted the sky so beautifully that day, and the pictures do not even come close to what it looked like in person. It was such a lovely gift! Thank you for the song, no I do not know that song, but I do like it a lot! and though I loved church alone with God on the beach I still always love worshiping him together with my church family every Sunday and am looking so forward to doing that tomorrow morning. Have a wonderful day Anne 🙂


    • Terri says:

      Thank you Diane for letting me know. I am not sure why but my link was missing. It worked the other day. I fixed it just now. I really appreciate your telling me and for coming by. thanks!

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