Casa Del Pan

I got a really cool email a couple of weeks ago from Compassion telling me they are opening a brand new Child Development Center In El Salvador named “Casa del Pan” or “House of Bread” and they have invited me to come with them this September on a on a Women of Compassion Vision Trip & Retreat..

Our trip will introduce us to every facet of Compassion’s work in the field and will also include a day with our sponsored children. I am so excited because I will get to meet my Ericka in person!  🙂  🙂


Another cool thing that is happening is we are also advocating for the children who will be a part of this new center and we will also get to visit the center and and meet the children we are advocating for! I am so excited for these children who will now have the opportunity to learn and grow physically, mentally and spiritually!

Here are 3 of the children from Casa del Pan who are waiting for sponsors:

Alisson Nayeli Villanueva

aaa 001 - Copyaaa 001Osmin Edgardo Martinez Nunez

o 001 - Copyo 001Darlyn Yesenia Sosa Guerrero

t 001 - Copyt 001

Could it be that maybe you are the sponsor that one of these children have been praying for?

I have seen first hand that sponsorship works. I have also been on a trip with Compassion and seen how and where they work and I have also met some of the children and families who’s lives have been changed. If you would like more information about how you can help change the life of one of these children, leave me a comment or send me and email at

Before I go today I would also like to ask if you will please say a prayer for each of these children to receive sponsors quickly and that their lives will be blessed and that each of them will know the love of Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers and have a wonderful evening,





11 thoughts on “Casa Del Pan

  1. Mother Hen says:

    How wonderful! I have been looking at the children that need sponsors.. Since when did they start using videos? So sweet! The child I was sponsoring was pulled out of the program..So I am feeling a tug…

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    • Terri says:

      They just started with the videos recently, I was watching a few the other day, they are sweet and it shows a bit more of their personality which I love to see. If you are interested in any of these children you can email me at or since you have been watching the videos I know you know the website, but non of the children from this new center are on Compassion’s site because they are out with advocates at the moment. Thank you for your comment and your noticing that tug, I know when the child is before you God is leading you to you will know 🙂

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  2. Mother Hen says:

    I actually tried to find Alisson..and since I couldn’t find her, I ended up in Mexico and was attracted to little girls all wearing similar tops and from there I scanned and watched several videos and I thought if it would be cheaper by the! It’s a stretch for me to sponsor one.. and one little girl named Paula captured my heart. Thank you for putting the word out as it was meant to be for me..

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    • Terri says:

      That is so wonderful! Thank you for sponsoring Paula! Her life will be blessed and changed because of your willingness to listen to that nudge and sponsor her. You also will be blessed! Thank you for sharing this wonderful news with me 🙂

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      • Mother Hen says:

        She is from the Chiapas area of Mexico. I am totally familiar with it but will do some research on it. I look forward to getting her information and picture. Her little personality jumped out at me in the video. So many children with needs. Thanks again T!

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    • Terri says:

      Thank you for praying for them Anne, as yet I have not been able to find a sponsor for any of them . I am hoping maybe I can lay the packets out at my church and someone will decide to sponsor them. so the prayers are greatly appreciated and needed.
      Also I will be praying for Allissa and the children in Nepal, I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to live there in the middle of all that 😦


      • Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

        I spoke to Alissa tonight T, once again the Children and their Carers are OK but over 8,000 Men , Woman and Children have been killed.

        Alissa’s, Children were safe inside having lunch when the second Earthquake hit but the Orphanage now has cracks in the walls so Alissa is looking for a new place for the Children and their Carers to live just in case.

        Alissa is back in Australia now, although very tired is OK, Thank you for praying T, it was good to be able to talk to her.,

        Your Children will find support T, God is Faithful, He knows their urgent needs and will provide as He does with us, our prayers for them as you know make a difference.

        Blessings – Anne.


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