Beautiful Little People Who Will Make You Smile

Here are some of the beautiful little people I met last week while on a mission trip in Haiti.  These children live in a little village called Babaco on the edge of a dried up river bed.  We were told that after a hurricane the river just went away.  We actually drove down the middle of the river bed to get to their church/school. The smiling faces and laughter of these children brought so much joy to my heart and I know that these pictures will make you smile too 🙂

DSCN1501 DSCN1374 DSCN1582 DSCN1493 DSCN1536 DSCN1491 DSCN1581 DSCN1397 DSCN1540 DSCN1592DSCN1561


He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Mark 10:14

Have a wonderful day!

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Little People Who Will Make You Smile

  1. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    Thanks for sharing T and yes they did make me smile, how beautiful are the feet of them who bring good news.

    Blessings – Anne

    I first Posted this comment T on the 24th at 3pm, Aussie time, it must have been deleted, someone is messing with your Blog deliberately trying to provoke me, I’m sorry they are using your Blog to do so, it just shows how evil they are.


    • Terri says:

      Hi Anne, I think you maybe remember commenting on my other blog Hearts for Haiti where I posted this same blog post. I just went over there and your comment along with another from someone else was sitting there unanswered by me. Thank you for both of your comments and for reading, sorry I did not answer That was right after I came home from Haiti and that week was a very busy week. I thought I had caught up on all my comments, but somehow missed those two. Have a good day!


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