God is Everywhere

DR-Blogger-Badge-160x300I told you all that this week I would be sharing posts from the Compassion Bloggers Dominican Republic trip.  It seems like lately I have a whole lot of stuff going on and I haven’t had much time to write or to get over and read many of my favorite blogs.  I finally sat down to write last night but couldn’t write because last night I had panic about my eyesight again.  Over the past few days I seem to have developed a glow around the blind spot in my eye.  Every since I had the retinal vein occlusion 4 years ago I’ve had a blind spot that I can’t see with both eyes open.  But last night there it was, a glowing ring around the blind spot.

Once the panic set in and I found my self praying for God to just help me go back to the way it used to be. Back to the way it used to be before I had the eye issues, back to the way it was when I didn’t notice my eyes much or even think of them at all.

Right in the middle of my prayer I realized that will never be possible again, because things are different now. Before the eye issues I just woke up every day never paying to much thought to my eyesight but nowadays the minute I open my eyes in the morning I immediately check to see that I still can see and then I say a prayer of thanks because nowadays I am so grateful for my eyesight,  which is something I never thought about until I lost part of it.

Four years ago I went to bed seeing normal and woke up in the morning with a blind spot in my eye.  Just like that…I went to bed fine and I woke up not fine. We just never know what is waiting around the bend for us.

Nothing on this earth is guaranteed except for God.

When we go to bed God is here and when we wake up He is still here. No matter what, God is always here. I am not really sure what my eyesight has to do with the Compassion Bloggers in the Dominican Republic. Maybe it’s the fact that I could have been born there instead of here and life just looks so extremely hard there. Sometimes I think my life is hard here but then as I have followed along with the Compassion bloggers stories this week, some I read in anguish because of the hardships they have seen there. But something I have noticed is though they have seen hardship they all also have seen something else. GOD… God is there in the Dominican Republic and somehow in the middle of it all , even in the anguish,  there is hope to be found. No matter where we live we never know what is around the bend for us and  nothing is guaranteed except for God AND he is the source of our hope.

At the beginning of the blogger trip I had planned that I would share a post a day but there are just to many posts that are so good I can’t seem to decide on which ones to share,  so today I am sharing a link to all the posts so that you can read every single one of them if you’d like.–> Compassion Bloggers in Dominican Republic. I am going to warn you to get the box of tissues out before you start reading!

Before I leave I have one more thing I want to share with you today. Compassion has set up a special page that shows the children who are sponsored from the blog posts, tweets, Facebook, Pinterest etc. during this trip. If you would like to see the children who now have new sponsors click the link below.  So far 133 children have new sponsors! Yay!


Click here to see the children who now have new sponsors!





5 thoughts on “God is Everywhere

  1. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    Thanks T, I have read a few of the Stories and commented on their messages and yes I was blessed, what a wonderful focus they have just like you do. I look forward to reading more. So very. very good about the 133 Children having new Sponsors.

    I feel for you with your eyes T, it is not good that you have to worry but wait till you see the Doctor, she may be able to help, God has many tools and Doctors and Medicine are some of them but if nothing can be done, He will intervene in what ever way is needed..

    Christian Love – Anne.

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    • Terri says:

      Thank you so much for reading my post and also for stopping by and reading some of their stories. Some of those stories were hard to read, but at the same time so much hope was there. Also thank you for your encouragement about my eyes, I appreciate that the glow seems to have went away some or maybe I have just gotten used to it, either way I am at peace.


  2. Mother Hen says:

    Hi T, I am so ever grateful that our Father sees us and knows each of us by name. He is with you through this challenge. Isn’t it wonderful to know He is for us and not against us.. Paola, the little girl I had been sponsoring was taken out of the Compassion program. Maybe they could not commit to the requirements. I am looking for God’s leading on sponsorship as I have an interest in Native American youth too. May the peace of God rest upon you each day..

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    • Terri says:

      Thank you so much. I am sorry to hear about Paola, It is hard when our child leaves the program, one of our children’s family’s financial situation got better and then he moved away suddenly. It was so hard to lose him yet we were also happy that his situation had improved. They asked me if I wanted to sponsor another child and I told them no I was not ready. A few months later God put little Ericka in front of me on the facebook feed and I sponsored her. I know he will lead you to someone when the time is right. Thanks for you comment and God Bless you.

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