Christmas Time is My Favorite Season Because We Give Many Hugs to Each Other

ericka letter 2

A few days ago I received a letter from my Compassion sponsor child Ericka. In her letter she wrote -“Christmas time is my favorite season because we give many hugs to each other.”

Ericka didn’t say Christmas time was her favorite season because of what she got for Christmas, she said it was her favorite season because of what they gave to each other… many Hugs.

I give and receive hugs all the time and I never really thought much about the impact of a hug until Ericka’s letter.  Her letter has had me thinking about hugs all week and how a hug is something that seems rather small but really is something quite big.

We hug when we’re happy to see one another, we hug when we say hello and goodbye. We hug to say thank you, we hug to say I am sorry or I care. Hugs can be given away in many different forms ranging anywhere from a quick squeeze to holding one another for a long period of time. Nowadays a hug can even be given in an email like this >:D<

A hug shows love and it says “I care about you.”  When a hug is given away it can help someone who is having a bad day to begin to have a better day.

A hug is a gift that doesn’t cost us a thing. Hugs are free, and not only are they free but we can give away as many hugs as we want to give away and we will never run out.

In Ericka’s family they give each other many hugs at Christmas time. Her family doesn’t have much money, actually Ericka’s family lives in extreme poverty.  She writes further down in her letter that they like to share presents at Christmas. She did not write that they like to ‘get’ presents, she wrote they like to ‘share’ presents. That statement caused me to think even more about the gift of a hug, no matter how little money we have we can always afford to give someone the gift of a hug. In Ericka’s case her letter reads to me that she is happy and very content with what she has.  Hugs make her happy and she loves to give them away.  Sometimes when I read the letters I receive from my sponsor children it makes me see where true wealth really is.  Wealth is not in what we get, it’s in what we give, and sometimes the things that are free are really what is worth the most.  

Have you given someone the gift of hug today?

Have a great day!


P.S. When you leave today why not check out the link below and find out how you can help put an end to extreme poverty.



19 thoughts on “Christmas Time is My Favorite Season Because We Give Many Hugs to Each Other

  1. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    Thank you T what a wonderful message , what a beautiful letter and what a Loving heart you have, now just for you a Big ((( HUG))) from me, as you shine with God’s beauty.

    Would you like to see a Power point about Hugs T and some Critters that I know you’ll love, I created it for Katie who lives next door when she was only 8 she is now 12, she chose the pictures.


    I’m sure Katie still loves Jesus in her heart but she now listens to music that has very evil words and I have noticed a difference, she has lost her childhood joy, her Mum and Dad are not Christians so she has no guidance in what she listens too, I tried to warn her but their popular songs and her friends listen to them too, I’m praying for her and yes crying too, I Love her as if she were my own as I do all those He brings into my life and yes their all ages.

    Christian Love in Christ Jesus – Anne.

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    • Terri says:

      Thank you for sharing the Hug powerpoint, it made me smile. I am sorry about Katie, thankfully she has you to still show her the love of Jesus, I will pray for her and also for you as you minister to her. Big (((HUG))) to you also Anne!


    • Terri says:

      Thank you James that is so sweet of you to offer! I do not think she reads English, because she writes her letters in Spanish and then they are interpreted before the come to me. I am wondering though if maybe the Interpreters could possibly read it to her. I know several people who are going there in the coming year that could take it to her for me so I will try to find out and if so I will contact you. Thank you so much for offering to do that its a great book and I would love for her to have a copy and Thanks again. Thanks also for for stopping by my blog. Blessings to you also!


    • Terri says:

      Hi Anne, I know I said thank you over at your blog, but wanted to just say thanks once again. Yes his is so true, ‘it is in giving we receive it is in loving that we are set free’ I love that ❤


  2. Ron says:

    Thanks Terri for the Hugs story, yes its so true how often we underestimate the power of a hug. The hug from someone who says I am with you as you go through this , the hug that says congratulations , The hug that says you are not alone .



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