Same old song?

I thought this was a lovely post. I am not sure if its because I used to be a nonbeliever or what but I have to say once I gave my life to Jesus the song was never ever stagnant, short sighted, out of date or boring. The song has been fresh and fun with new and exciting verses being added each new day.

The Lions Den

Some people say the song and dance of the believer is stagnant, short-sighted, out-dated, and boring. To this I say: really?  Some ignorantly assume christianity is a glorified pep rally, playing the same old song and stale as cardboard. Well, let me tell ya.

The same song that is mocked has endless notes, it is music that fills the ears and heart tailored to each person with the same truth, is sweeter than a field of  songbirds, and is music which can only be scored on a contrite and broken spirit.  This song cannot be heard by the proud.

The song of the Creator resides in the hearts of His orchestra. His music is an accord, it is an agreement, it is a symphony of beauty and truth, knowledge and wisdom, and it is clear as a bell to the mind and soul, yes, clear as a trumpet.

When Kevin Costner…

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