A Stinky Smelly Situation in My Kitchen and No This is Not Another Post About Cat Puke




Mr. KB

A few months back my cat Mr. KB was sick.  He’s all well now but he is now on a special diet for his condition.  The special diet is just fine with him but there is a problem with his new diet and that is the fact that I have two cats and that my other cat ‘Bart’ is now also on the special diet. The vet thought it would be better to put both of them on the same diet so there is no chance of Mr. KB accidentally getting the wrong food, because the wrong food could make Mr. KB sick again.

The new food is perfectly ok with both cats and they seem to like it a lot, but there is one small problem….

The problem is that I used to give them kitty treats first thing every morning and then another one again at bed time and the company who makes the food does not make kitty treats in the special diet.

Mr. KB is just fine with not having treats anymore but Bart being a kitty who does not like change is still not over the fact that he does not get treats anymore.  I tried fooling him into thinking I was still giving him a treat by placing cat food in the treat container, this used to work when I ran out of treats in the past, but for some reason it does not work any more. Every single day never fail Bart still expects his treat.  He waits in the morning and when he doesn’t get it he sits up on his back legs and begs for one.  Finally after an hour of begging he will settle down and reluctantly move on into his day but then at bedtime he starts waiting and begging again.  He also gets quite vocal when I go to bed and he realizes he will not be getting a treat again by coming into my bedroom to remind me that I seem to have forgotten the treat by meowing the most loudest meow I have ever heard over and over again.

A few times I tried to sneak Bart a treat when Mr. KB wasn’t looking but a few minutes after I give him a treat he got sick and puked (I promise this is not another post about cat puke) I spoke to the vet about this a few weeks ago and she told me the reason he got sick is because his system is accustom to the special diet now and that the treats will not set well on his tummy. She also said I should not allow either of the cats to have any food other than their new food.  She then told me that I could make treats for them out of the canned version of the special diet. I was so excited to find out this news and I bought a couple of cans of the canned food deciding I would try to make the treats!

To make the treats I was told that I would have to take tiny pinches of the canned food, roll the pinches into balls, then flatten them and place them on cookie sheets to bake in the oven. Sounds easy enough…right?  Unfortunately it was not as easy as it sounded and here is how it really went down…

First of all the canned food was very runny with gloppy shredded chunks of meat in it so rolling it into balls was not an option.  Instead it was more like taking teeny tiny bits and dripping them on the cookie sheet and then trying to squish them into some sort of flat chunky mini puddles.

Secondly the food was the most horrible smelling stuff I have ever smelled in my life! It smelled like a cross between the strongest nastiest smelling tuna I have ever smelled and ….well I guess the strongest nastiest smelling tuna I have ever smelled! bluh!  And to top number one and number two off, the real truth is that I am just not your Martha Stewart kinda Gal.  Spending an hour placing puddles of sickening tuna smelling mush on a cookie sheet to make home made kitty treats is just not my idea of a fun afternoon! 😦

Once I got the hundreds of little puddle looking balls of stinky mush onto the cookie sheets I began baking them as I was directed to do and within moments I had the fresh sickening aroma of these wonderful gross little creations wafting through my house. The smell was so overpowering I had to move myself outside to the back deck until they were finished baking.

As I sat on my deck I wondered if that smell would leave my house or if my house would forever smell like rotting tuna. Another thing that I thought about was that my cats had better love these treats after all this trouble… though at the same time I think I secretly hoped that they would not like them because I did not want to have to make them ever again!

After about 30 minutes of baking the treats were ready to take out of the oven and cool.  By now both cats were sitting at my feet looking at me with ‘what’s for dinner’ looks on their faces.  After they cooled a little bit I decided to give them each a sample.  Feeling quite proud of myself I sat one in front of each cat expecting them to fully love my new creations. Both cats began smelling them and then KB took his paw and pushed his treat around a bit, smelled it again several more times and then he walked away!  Bart smelled his treat one time, sat down, looked at me and let out a huge meow as if to say “I’m not trying that thing! What else do you have?”

Neither one of them would even taste the treats! They just sniffed and that’s it! I was not sure if this was a good thing or bad thing!?  Should I be upset that I spent my whole afternoon and stunk up my house to have my cats turn up their noses in disgust at these lovely little morsels I had just slaved over? Or should I pick them both up and hug them and kiss them while tears of joy streamed down my face in relief that I never had to make these stinky things ever again?

Well I didn’t go all ‘tears of joy’ but later in the day I did happen to find myself happy dancing all the way to the garbage disposal. Nothing was solved today other than me finding out that I do not like making cat treats and my cats do not like cat treats that I make.  So at least we are on the same page about something.  I do feel bad for Bart but I think he will eventually get over it.

This was my last day of writing for the series 31 Days of Hushin’ My Mouth as you probably have already noticed I did not write every day like I had planned to do. I only wrote 16 out of 31 days though that is way more than my usual average of about one time a week.  I did also learn something through all this…  Because I was trying to pay attention more and also think of something to write about each day I did take more time to try to slow down and listen to God better. I did see more of what he was trying to show me each day and I do actually think I noticed things I would have not normally noticed before, I just did not write about them all here on the blog.

When I started this blog I only did it because I felt like it was something God wanted me to do.  I never really considered myself a writer and still really don’t, though I do like to write stuff down. I journal a lot but most of that is just musings or things that I want to remember later in my life so I document them in my journal. I really don’t have time to write a blog post every single day.  If you write a blog you know it takes time to get them ready to publish… or maybe you don’t have that problem??  If not I don’t want to know…LOL…  If you do then I guess you understand 🙂  Mostly though I just really want to do what I think God wants me to do and I do not feel like writing every day is what he wants me to do right now, though I do know that with God you just never quite know what  he may ask you to do in the future so who knows maybe some day, just not today.

It still amazes me at times that I actually have readers that read my posts and some of you actually come back day after day and read them all.  If you are reading this right now, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to come over here and read what I have to say today.

Have a wonderful evening or day depending on what time it is wherever you are and God bless you,


P.S.  You can read the rest of the posts in this series by clicking here.



8 thoughts on “A Stinky Smelly Situation in My Kitchen and No This is Not Another Post About Cat Puke

  1. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    I’m still Laughing T you really need a dog to eat up all the Scraps! who am I kidding their just as fussy as Cats, if I don’t give Mo- Joe meat at least some with his chicken, he walks away in disgust and both of mine have treats and carob buttons too, No! I do not spoil them, I just can’t stand their looks of anguish too if they don’t get them.

    Seriously I found it cheaper giving them fresh food than a special diet already prepared. I buy Chicken legs and cook them and remove the bones and for their teeth, fresh chicken wings cut up. the treats are natural chicken straps without colour or preservatives and Mo- Joe gets fresh processed meat for dogs and cats, also no colour or preservatives but with added vitamins. I eat what’s left over Lol

    As for making yourself write everyday I think you were wise T not to do so but wait till you felt lead, I do this too and it also gives us time to visit and encourage others and for them to be able to comment on our Posts too , they also have a life and are most probably not holding their breath waiting for our next Post, although I do look forward to reading other Bloggers messages especially yours and others who are my close Blogging friends, I also look forward to making new friends on the Blog but if they don’t respond, I move on, whats the point if it is all just about them, real friendship is about give and take, Jesus gave and we take and we give and He takes.

    Christian Love in our Unity in Christ Jesus – Anne.

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    • T says:

      Wow that is a lot of work you go to for you dogs! I am sure they love you for that and they are probably very healthy. Also sounds like it is very thrifty and smart because everyone can eat the same food including you lol.
      What you said about visiting other blogs, I love to read and I enjoy getting to my computer each evening to read others blogs, because blogs give such a variety. Actually I would rather read them than write them. The friendship part was an unexpected bonus that I do enjoy and feel blessed by. Thank you for reading and your comment also glad it made you laugh 🙂


  2. Pastor Roland Ledoux says:

    Sister Terri, I about laughed myself out of my computer desk chair and if you could see me you would cry laughing! What a joy and just what I needed!! Now I don’t have cats, because my dear wife, Susie, who loves them is soooo allergic to them, but we do have two dogs who keep us going and being in our sixties, I mean they really keep us going!!! But — loving them is so easy!!!
    I haven’t been blogging as much, but have making the rounds reading only because my fibromyalgia makes it hard at times to type. Been thinking of getting that “Dragon” speaking software, just haven’t done it yet. I still like the feel of the keys under my fingers. And don’t get me wrong, my fibro isn’t bad all the time, so when I can, I hit the blogs like all get out!!
    As a pastor, I wanted to encourage you in something concerning doing what God wants and NOT fretting about HOW you’re doing. Hebrews 11:6, “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”
    Now look at this Scripture and realize what it is saying. Invert the first part of it. It tells us that we PLEASE God if we have/walk/use our faith. What is faith? We all know the popular Scripture, most of us who love the Lord try to live by it, Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
    Let me put faith in the perspective of the natural. When you enter one of your darkened rooms, you reach to the side and flip a toggle switch of some kind. You don’t think about it, you just do it. You do it, expecting the electricity from your power source to make a connection THROUGH the switch to accomplish a feat, giving the darkened room, light. You never question how or why it works. Since a child you have been taught that no matter the style or shape of the switch, you just flip it one way and light appears. Believing that light will come on is faith in practice because you never give it a thought before hand as to whether it will come on, whether the bulb is burnt, or a wire shorted or circuit breaker blown. Your reward is light flooding a darkened room, deep inside, joy is produced without even thinking about it.
    Now, tell me, is your faith in the ability for light to eventually come on again if you have to change the bulb, or replace a switch or pop the breaker or even repair a wire. You would believe that if a “repair” is completed, there would be light again. The ONLY time you would question would be if ALL those things were repaired and still nothing happened. But eventually it would only be a matter of repair to get your faith in the ability to have light again and you would not give it another thought.
    Our faith is like that. You don’t move out of your house because a light went out, whatever the cause. You make a repair and then all is right. With God and doing what we “THINK” He wants us to do and when, is a matter of trusting that HE is the power and you are the switch. When the Holy Spirit of God truly wants you to do something, you believe don’t you that He has the ability to accomplish it THROUGH you? You should, cause that is faith and you don’t want to limit what you believe our Heavenly Father is capable of doing. You’re that switch, you’re that vessel He uses and here’s where the Joy (Fruit of the Spirit) comes in. When we trust our Father is in control and that He is the power and that HE flips the switch to activate power or action, He IS pleased! Your FAITH pleases Him.
    Okay, what if you make a mistake in timing. Maybe you feel like you should have spent time but didn’t; are you trusting in God’s ability to motivate you, or yours? If you trust God to accomplish HIS plan through us, despite how we feel, good, bad or indifferent (okay, maybe not indifferent!) then HE IS pleased with us no matter how we feel. And here is the kicker; God’s grace intercedes despite our actions or inactions even if it WASN’T His leading and He still is pleased with you!!! Why??? Because it was your faith to motivate your actions or your inaction!
    I am not talking about downright disobedience, but rather areas of whether to know if this timing, this action, etc. is of God or not. You put your trust in His Godhead and not in your ability to be always right.
    Remember this: Religion says I do the work, I get the credit and God accepts it.
    Christianity says, God does the work, God gets the credit and I accept it.
    That’s faith in action. Now I truly hope I didn’t mess up your brain or whatever. But you do what you feel God wants you to do, when you do it. If the God that created this Universe and placed all the laws that govern it into existence and then created us to inhabit it, I personally think He is big enough and powerful enough and creative enough to really get my attention when something truly needs to be done!! Don’t limit God and Sis, don’t limit your faith by wondering what if!! Trust in God’s timing, not yours, trust in God’s ability and not how you feel!!
    God bless you so dearly, I truly do love your writing. If you could see the big ole smile you put on my face, just reading this one story!!! I’ll probably be back tomorrow, Lord willing to read some more as it’s been too long!!
    God bless you and yours so richly Sis!! Thanks for your heart AND your spirit!!

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    • T says:

      Wow! you have no idea how much I needed to hear this today! I had to read it 2 times to make sure I did not miss anything. I am glad your fibromyalgia did not limit your comment, its almost as long as a post 🙂 actually it would make a great post! Thank you so much for taking the time to come by my blog and read and also to leave this very encouraging comment it was a blessing. God bless you!

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  3. Pastor Roland Ledoux says:

    Hey Sister Terri, I don’t know why it’s been on my mind, I just feel like giving you all the encouragement concerning what you do and when you do for the Lord and all of us, His servants. Here’s a link from another one of my followers that I happened upon early this morning and it made me thing of you!! The link is to Secret Angel Ministry, a ministry with a very strong sense of faith and direction in God, this Sister tackles some very hard issues but does so with great love and compassion. The piece I am sending you too is a poem that deals with God’s direction and provision for that direction. Hope you enjoy! Love you Sis and God bless so much. I AM stopping by a bit latter to catch up on some of your articles, I promise!!


    • T says:

      Hi, and thank you for the link. Actually I already follow this blog but somehow had missed this post that you sent me the link to how cool is that?!. I appreciate your sending the link and also your encouragement, Thank you! 🙂

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