The Amazing Journey to Peace

romans 15 13I went for my recheck on the macular hole today.  The hole is healed and no surgery is needed at all.  I am amazed and so thankful!

I am not sure why God chose to give me this miracle, it’s not my first actually its one of many. Was this all to show me what he can do? Or was it just a normal thing planned from the beginning?

Worry… Worry is a word I used to know really well. All this eye stuff has taught me worry is a waste of time.  There is no need to worry. What will or will not happen, will happen, whether I worry or not.  So why not just believe that God has it covered and be thankful for all he has done..  That is what I hope to remember to do from now on.

This almost 4 years of eye stuff has been quit an amazing a journey for me.  Is it finally finished? ….Well… the macular hole is healed in my left eye yet I have some odd side affect is going on in my right eye now do to the Lucentis shot I had 3 years ago coupled with my arthritis.  She said that it is causing me to have a red eyes sometimes that look as if I have broken blood vessels in my eye.  I have to take a steroid drop for that now that may or may not cause glaucoma or cataracts. Am I worried?? NO.  A few years ago when a doctor gave me medicine I would skip it for fear of the side affects. To me it is the strangest thing if I think about it really hard….  Me at peace about stuff that used to scare me to death….

I think as long as I am on this earth there will always be something going on. If not eyes it would be something else.  All I know is we can chose to wallow in the problems or chose to rest in the peace of God.  I think I will chose to rest in the peace.

God is really good.  He took me the most messed up fraidy cat person and somehow managed to change that.  It is really nice to have this peace.

Have a blessed evening,




4 thoughts on “The Amazing Journey to Peace

  1. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    Hi T, I agree with you, while ever we live in earth we will have troubles, Jesus told us we would but we Trust Him to carry the load and give us strength to endure.

    Yes like you T God has Miraculously Healed me much more than once and I have also experienced signs and wonders, not able to be explained or copied by man and so have others as we know but our bodies are wearing out and through bad eating habits as a teenager I suffer from this today too and was also born with a disability but yes I find God is faithful and when it is all dark, I see His light too and regardless of our age we soar with Jesus as He lifts us up.

    Christian Love in our Unity in Christ Jesus – Anne


    • T says:

      I love hearing how God has worked in other people’s lives. He does so so much. I am so glad that he has shown you his miracles too. He sure is an amazing God. I like the the fact that we soar with Jesus, I can not imagine life without him ever again. Thank you for leaving a comment and for stopping by!


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