I Still See


The wind is raging, storm clouds looming over the waves and in my mind.

I see where I don’t see and it frightens me.

The waves crash the shore and inside my mind they crash my sanity.

Fear overwhelming, the roar of the ocean matching the roar in my mind

Threatening dark clouds in the distance much like the dark blur obscuring my vision of the beauty before me.

The beauty…you are so big you created this

I feel so small right now,

I know you are so much bigger than me and even more bigger than the small blur.

I feel the breeze starting to cool as the storm in the distance calms the storm that is raging inside calms too.

The blur still threatens to get in the way but you won’t let it.

Even if I can’t see I still see you perfectly.

20140829_124958Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

12 thoughts on “I Still See

    • T says:

      Thank you Beverley I took those pictures in Mexico this past weekend, it was so beautiful there, God still always amazes me with all the beauty in nature. I have heard that song, but never by Laura Story, it is a really beautiful song I love it! thank you for sharing it.


  1. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    Hi T , I wrote a poem about the Ocean too, but it has a different focus, I will try and find the Link for you and yes I understand your fear, I live with it too since I had that fall on the concrete and hurt my right eye but like you said with your wonderful assurance in God’s Love , we never walk alone even in the dark patches of life, God is with us and I love your Heart whisper………Even if I can’t see I still see you perfectly.

    Hmmmm it seems you have already read my poem T, it is called The Awesome Ebb and Flow, it was Posted in May 2012.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.


    • T says:

      Hi Anne, thank you so much, you are always so kind and encouraging. I just looked at your poem I have been there before but it was nice to read it again, it is a very beautiful poem!


  2. Scott says:

    Thank you for this. It is easy to forget and great that you are reminding us. Such a beautiful picture of a storm as well. Beauty even in the storm.



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