The Easy Way


Have you ever noticed that it’s the hardest things we have to do that usually make us feel better?

Each morning when I wake up I find myself lying on my side curled into a ball with stuck knees.  The first thing I have to do is force myself to straighten my knees and do about 5 minutes of stretching exercises then get out of bed and do some more exercise.  Usually it’s the bike or Elliptical and believe me when I say that this is not my favorite way to start the day!

Why? Because for me exercise is hard and it hurts but it is what I have to do to make my arthritic knees feel better.   So I choose to do it and when I am finished I’m much less stiff and am ready to get on with my day.

I wish I could say I make that choice every day but some days I am lazy and I don’t and those are the days I’m  barely able to move the rest of the day.

For me exercise is not always easy but by taking what seems like the harder way actually ends up making the rest of the day much easier for me.

So here is my thought for the day….

Each day we are faced with choices some are easy and some are hard…What would happen if you took the harder choice today?

The harder choice may be that you have to try something that seems painful such as exercise but there are other choices to make that are hard too.  Things such as speaking in public or starting that new class God has been prompting you to start? How about that mission trip you want to go on but think it would be scary? Maybe you need to forgive someone who you don’t think deserves to be forgiven.  Maybe the hard thing for you is just something as simple as opening your mouth and speaking up about Jesus to the friend who does not know him?

How many times has an opportunity came up that you knew you should take the harder choice but you passed by choosing the easy way for fear of failing or not wanting to face the pain or extra work that it may cause?  Any bodybuilder will tell you they were not born with a sculpted body.  It took a lot of year’s of pain and hard work for them to get that way.  I remember years ago I had shirt I wore to exercise class that said no pain no gain. I truly believe we will never ever gain the joy of we are meant to have if we never take that chance or struggle though the pain of working hard to achieve that seemingly out of reach goal.

So how about giving the harder way a try today?

Taking the easy way may seem much more simpler and safe, but in the end choosing the hard way will eventually lead to the place where the blessings are found.

If you are traveling down a hard road today hang in there, you’re on your way to discovering that you are capable of finishing the race and attaining the prize.

Don’t miss out on the blessings in your life by taking easy way.

Have a wonderful day,



Philippians 4:13 ~ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

3 thoughts on “The Easy Way

  1. sf says:

    Very true, the hardest things in life don’t seem so hard once we get ’em accomplished and over with. I think it’s just the fear and worry that accumulates before hand (and the wish to do it all perfect and completely) that gets us down and unable to start at it. A great post and reminder!


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