Those Aren’t Weeds

20140614_120449I looked out my kitchen window Saturday and noticed that along the edge of the woods there were a bunch of wildflowers growing. Upon sharing my new discovery with my husband he informed me that those wild flowers were also growing along the side of our house.  So I decided to walk over and take a look. Every year I spend a lot of time “weeding” my gardens, this year I haven’t weeded and this is what happened. (See Photos)


Had I weeded the garden all these beautiful Black-Eyed Susan would have been pulled out and I would have never known that the weeds I had been pulling out all these years were actually beautiful flowers.

This is yet another discovery of how God has things under control even if I think things are a mess.

And here I thought all the gardening depended on me … 🙂


God never ceases to amaze me.

Have a wonderful day today!




12 thoughts on “Those Aren’t Weeds

  1. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    If we are referring to the Garden of our hearts T, what you said is True, we cant make it beautiful by ourselves but we do have a part in making it beautiful and acceptable, we choose what is good and reject the evil and than God empowers us to pull the real weeds out killing them off permanently, so they do not grow back like the black eyed Susan’s did, we could say these are the good flowers (fruit) that were trampled because of our sin or ripped out because of our lack of understanding.

    God does not force us to choose to get rid of the killer weeds, He does not want our garden to be filled with artificial flowers, He has given us free will to choose a beautiful garden or a weedy patch, to reap what we sow good or bad.

    But yes than there are flowers that some call weeds, like honesty with our emotions , anger at evil, Standing up strongly for God’s Truth, rebuking those in the Church who sin , hate for the actions of those who abuse others, dislike when they say one thing and mean another or don’t have loyalty and are not genuine and all those who Mock God and ridicule His people, or offer empty sweet platitudes to get what they want and some who do not show Love and Compassion but seek only for what they want and ignore others , Yuk these actions are a lot of real weeds that we are to hate and reject and kill off in others and ourselves.

    Christian Love Always from both of us – Anne


    • T says:

      Hi Anne thank you for your comment those are some good points that we all need to remember, This post was not really about the garden of my heart it is a story of how God is in charge and how when we step back and allow him to work we see what he has planned and also the blessings.
      As you know the Title of my blog is “A Story by Me” with the tag line ‘as I’m learning to see’. I started this blog as a baby Christian in 2012 because I felt like God wanted me to share with others what he teaches me as I grow in my walk with him… hence as he opens my eyes with each lesson helping me to see more clearly.
      Over the past year arthritis has taken a lot of my mobility away I have been struggling with not being able to physically do the things I used to do. Lately I am finding that I can’t do some things or I have to learn a new way of doing some, and then there are those things I had to let go of such as my large areas of flower beds which are all over my yard. Gardening is something I love doing and I used to spend hours in my yard planting, weeding, mulching and nurturing plants. Now days I can’t even walk to certain areas of the yard for fear of falling. I can’t squat to weed and in about 15 minutes time I am exhausted. I am not complaining just painting the picture for you.
      Through all of this God has been showing me that he is in charge and that though he uses us for his work, a lot of the time I personally I prided myself on what I could do and never really gave him the credit he deserves.
      I am finding out that bodies fail but God never fails. He can take our weaknesses and use them for the story he has planned for our lives. I am finding that now instead of spending hours in the garden working I am spending more and more hours getting to know him better. I am spending more time doing his work instead of unneeded busy work.
      Along the way I have also discovered that a lot of time I wasted doing busy work instead of Gods work was unnecessary because he had things under control all along. I am finding that what we as humans may see as a mixed up tangled mess he sees as beautiful because he has the power to make everything and everyone beautiful.
      We can plant and water but it is him that actually makes things grow. The Black-eyed Susan were his way of showing me that I can spend a whole lot of time in places I don’t always need to be which can in turn allow me to sometimes miss the joy of seeing how things can go when they are left to go his way. I am not saying this meaning that he does not want us to work, but sometimes I tend to get it in my head that I need to do so much stuff that really is not needed of me that can take away from precious time spent with God or doing the jobs he actually intended for me to do in the first place.
      Wow I believe I may have just wrote the longest comment of my life! Thanks again for stopping by my blog and for your input, blessings to you.

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  2. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    Wow T, I loved your comment and all it’s detail because it is so True. With my now being disabled after being so active in Ministry and with my Cooking for others in this Ministry, I do understand what you mean.

    I was only spending short times with God too, not that He gave me the arthritis to slow me down but as you shared He used it for good. I’m not Happy Clappy that when I bend down to get something out of the bottom cupboard shelf and it hurts but I rejoice that He gets me going again, How! I now have a Blog and He has given me Loving friends to share with and to grow to maturity with, yes some have not been so Loving and this is never His will but the good as you shared T is always greater than the bad.

    I love all flowers T but , perhaps if wanted I could create another Power point for you with your Black-eyed Susan as the highlight, I had promised one to another Blogger with them and other flowers she liked too but she no longer Blogs, still I can do it also in memory of her, she is still in my heart and no doubt always will be and you too but what theme would you like T, perhaps I can combine the two, if not I will do two Power points.

    Blessings – Anne


    • T says:

      I love hearing how God works and am so glad he has worked in your life turning your health issues to good. Something I forgot to mention is that I am waiting on a new drug to come in that the doctor is going to inject into my knees hopefully it will replace some of the cushion that is gone now and take away some of this pain and make me be more mobile again. please pray that it works. Also if you want to create a combined powerpoint I would love if you used my Black-eyed Susan. That is so kind of you to offer and to do that I know it must take a lot of time. Your powerpoints are always so very inspirational and I sure do enjoy them. thank you


  3. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    I have now saved your Black-eyed Susan T but what theme would you like , the Power point I was creating is half finished, it’s theme is Love but the person I was creating it for as I said no longer Blogs, so I felt there was no point continuing at the time, I also no longer felt motivated or lead by The Lord to finish it either till now.

    Let me know T and I will either start again or continue and add your Black-eyed Susan as the main focus and change the theme if wanted

    Blessings – Anne


    • T says:

      Love is a great theme… I feel like God has been showing me lately how very much he loves me. Actually he loves us all so much there is no greater love than his. I think love is perfect, though you just do what you feel lead to do by God because that is the best choice. Thank you Anne, I can not wait to see it 🙂


  4. sf says:

    Beautiful! Weeding can be so tiring and I’m often told that it’s better not to weed, no matter how messy or ugly it makes one’s garden cuz the weeds actually work like mulch. Your garden looks beautiful! Totally bloomin’! what I love best about it is that you’ve got wildflowers in there, which I love.


    • T says:

      Thank you, I never knew that about the weeds working like mulch, I am thinking this year I will be finding out if it works cuz I doubt I am doing any weeding this year lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your king comment.


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