A Flower in the Dirt

Because of my knee issues I haven’t planted any flowers in my yard this year.  Every one of my flower beds and pots that I normally plant annuals in are empty of flowers but full of dried up old dirt left over from last year.

Today I was walking up the walkway in front of my house and I noticed that a flower had sprung up in a patch of dry cracked up dirt in front of my porch.  I found it amazing that anything could possibly grow here and to top that off I have never planted this type of flower in this area of my yard, what a surprise! 20140607_172125 - Copy

I love it when God does this sort of thing!

Especially today…Today I had been feeling a little sad that I haven’t been able to keep up with things that I love to do like gardening and usually by this time of year my yard is blooming beautifully.  As I was walking along and thinking about my flowerless yard there he has this perfect surprise gift right there waiting for me, stopping me in my tracks and reminding me once again he is always here.

This has been a pretty tough year for me but today I realized that things are changing inside of me.  Because I have had to spend a whole lot of time down due to these knee issues I have been reading my Bible more and spending more time with God, which in turn has helped me grow closer to Him.  I also realize now that though I thought I had a lot of my life together, really it was a quite a bit of a mess.  I think maybe he is using this time I have spent down to mold me into the person that I was created to be.  He reminded me today that no matter how bad things look in my eyes, in his eyes in the midst of any dried up mess he can always make something beautiful grow and just like that flower in that dried cracked dirt, right in the middle of my messy life he is making something beautiful grow. God is so good isn’t he?

Have a blessed day,


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