My Compassion Kids are Growing Up!

Today I signed on to my Compassion webpage and there was little Rose in a brand new picture.  She looks so pretty all dressed in pink.  It amazes me how much she has grown up in a year!


Rose April 2013


Rose April 2014









Another really cool thing happened 2 weeks ago.   My friend David and his wife visited El Salvador on a Compassion trip. I could not believe it but of all the Compassion Centers in El Salvador to visit, they just happened to visit the center that my Ericka attends. He sent me some really great pictures of her she has grown up a lot too!


Ericka’s picture when I sponsored her


Ericka Now (April 2014)


Ericka Now (April 2014)

I just love the joy on her face.

If you would like more information about sponsoring a child through Compassion International click the links below.

Thanks for Reading and have a blessed day,

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4 thoughts on “My Compassion Kids are Growing Up!

  1. berry31 says:

    Wow! Both girls sure have grown up! They’re beautiful. That’s so neat that your friend went to your Ericka’s center!!! I have a friend who went to my parents’ child’s center in the DR…those extra photos are a treasure.


    • T says:

      Its such a blessing to have the extra photos, he took a whole lot and it just makes me so happy to see that she has so much joy. I know your parents loved that your friend went to their child’s center also there is just something extra cool about getting to see a glimpse of their world from someone you knows perspective. Thank you for stopping by and for sharing!


  2. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    So wonderful T, these are memories that will be with you for Eternity because they bring others and you Joy, no wonder God Loves His Little ones so much and warns against hurting them but that of course is the same with all His children, we are to Love each other and show we do.

    Alisa is coming for dinner on Monday , the children made a thank you card for me, I just wish I was more able to visit with them and the ones in Zambia too, to give them all a hug and see them smile in person and to tell them Jesus and I Love them very much, it would be so wonderful.

    I had some very special things happen to me recently that touched my heart greatly because of the Children in the street coming to visit me and you can be sure like all Children they love the goodies I give them but we also talk about Jesus, their ups and downs and whatever else comes up.

    I have a few Christmas decorations around my home all year, just small ones, I told them that they remind me to be kind and Loving all year like Jesus is and not just at Christmas, they smiled and went off to play but a few days later I noticed some Christmas decorations on a tree outside one of the girls and her brothers home and some in their T.V room, I felt so blessed that they had listened with their heart.

    Another wonderful thing that happened was because I give the Children toys some times as a treat, I just look for little things that they might enjoy and also a few stuffed toys. I had a Teddy with only one eye which I didn’t notice when I brought it, I told the Children and at the time there were 3 girls and 2 boys all different ages, that I had a disabled Teddy that needed to be Loved and hugged and would anyone like to give him a home, and yes they were all wanted to take home the disabled Teddy, I cried!

    Thank you for sharing dear Loving Sister in The Lord you bless me greatly , your heart is very big.

    Christian Love – Anne.


    • T says:

      awww Anne your stories touched my heart, especially the Teddy bear with one eye . ;’) also thank you for reading and for sharing with me, I enjoyed so much.


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