Fall in Love with little Juda

It’s almost Compassion Sunday again and today I want to share a story I found about a cute little boy named Juda.  Juda was born with a serious heart condition.  Because of where he was born he was able to have immediate medical treatment and today he is a happy and healthy little boy.  Not all children live in countries where this sort of medical treatment is available. Thanks to Compassion International’s ministry and their child sponsorship program, children all over the world who are sick and may not have lived with this sort of condition now have the opportunity for medical care and a chance at life.  Watch the video below to see Juda’s story and then if you find yourself moved to sponsor a child or just find out more information you can click the picture below the video.









Thank you for reading,



2 thoughts on “Fall in Love with little Juda

  1. Karina Susanto says:

    Dear T,
    I am definitely moved watched this touching video, Here, we might could do something to support ” The Compassion” Thank you so much for sharing this important message. Blessings.


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