Through the Fog and Debris

Dear Jesus,

I’m overwhelmed by the beauty you put before me this morning.

Beauty I never expected to see

As I walked past the window early this morning I happened to notice a purple colored haze caused by the sun rising over the fog covered woods in my back yard.

As the sun came up the fog began to lift and I saw the trees begin to change color before my eyes.

The woods changed from dull grey to bright shades of green, white and purple the flowers of springtime burst forth tearing away from their winter brown.

As I watched this magnificent display, the fog also began to lift away from my eyes.

Your peace began washing over me as I felt your assurance that there is never anything to fear because it is not by sight that I walk it is by faith, My faith in you.

Through all the debris and messiness I can still see you.

You will be here always and forever.

I will walk by faith today

I will walk by faith every day

Though things look different to me now, I still see you, bolder and brighter than I ever have before.

Your protective arms have surrounded me, clearing away the fog and debris until your face is the only thing see.

Thank you Jesus!



For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

4 thoughts on “Through the Fog and Debris

    • T says:

      Thank you Anne, He has a way of helping me open my eyes like that. I love it when He swoops in and just leaves a beautiful gift like that.


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