A Silent Prayer of Peace

I want to start this post by saying I usually don’t mention names in my blog for the privacy of the people who I am writing about.  As you know this blog is about my journey with Jesus and sometimes I just can’t avoid people being able to recognize themselves or someone I have written about.  This story involves someone that I know is a follower of my blog.  Though I did not use names I am sure the person will most likely recognize himself and I just would like to say thank you for taking the time today to be obedient to God.  You made a big difference in my day and I admire your faith and the example that you set.

A Silent Prayer of Peace

When I wake up in the morning I usually reach over and grab my Bible off my nightstand and then I head to the kitchen where I grab a cup of coffee and settle into my favorite chair for one on one time with God…. but I didn’t do that today.

Today I overslept.

Today when I got out of bed I still swung by the kitchen for coffee but instead of heading for my Bible and God I instead headed to the shower.  After my shower I rushed off to work completely forgetting to have any sort of prayer what so ever.

This was a big mistake…

How could I remember the coffee but forget about God?? Why is it that I my brain says, “you need caffeine” instead of “you need God?”This is not a good way to start the day and I would not recommend it

This week has been an especially hard and stressful week, so this week of all weeks you think I would be clinging on to God a little extra tighter, but instead this morning I found myself running out the door away from God instead of running to God.

When I arrived at work today I felt really far behind because yesterday was one of those days that I spent spinning my wheels all day and I never seemed to get anything accomplished.  As the morning went on I found that just like yesterday, I did not seem to be getting anywhere fast today either.  As most of you know I work for church.  Most days it’s pretty quiet at the church and I don’t usually see to many people there during the week, but today it was very busy.  A lot of people were in and out and I kept talking to them, the phone kept ringing and it seemed like I just kept getting sidetracked from what I really needed to get done.. My wheels were spinning yet I wasn’t moving at all towards the finish line.

After a while things seemed to be settling down and I was finally alone in the office.  I was just beginning to focus on my work and I looked at the clock and saw that I had about 30 minutes left until I had to leave for the day.  With a little bit of focus I could possibly get something accomplished today…..

and then a man walked into the office.

He asked me if I would like to come into the sanctuary with him and kneel at the altar and have a moment of silent prayer.

I have never had anyone ask me to do that before so at first his request caught me by surprise (don’t forget I am still a bit of a newbie in this journey) I guess it never dawned on me that someone would request that I have silent prayer with them.  I have had people ask me to pray with them for them, but never ask me join in a silent prayer.  The most interesting part was that when I asked him what he wanted to pray about he said that all he wanted to do was to pray silently together with other Christians because he had read in the Bible that when two or more people get together and pray God is among them.

I will admit the first thought to my mind when he asked me to go pray was “I don’t have time for this right now’ but yet at the same time a voice inside was saying “Girl, you need to do this!”  and I knew I did.

So I said yes and told him I would meet him in the sanctuary. As I was entering the sanctuary I saw he was asking another lady to join us, she said yes right away never hesitating at all.  A few seconds later the three of us were kneeling at the alter in silent prayer.

We only prayed for about a minute or two but after that very small moment of prayer I realized I felt less rushed and more peaceful. I also realized during that time, that I had not taken time to be with God today. When I got back to my office I also realized that I was really not nearly as busy today as I had thought I was only a few moments ago.  I put my work away (the work that I thought I had a whole lot of earlier) and went outside to my car and prayed some more finally getting that precious time with the Lord that I needed.

I find that if I start my day with God I will pretty much talk to him most of the day and most of the time no matter what the day brings I feel peaceful, but if I don’t start out with him I tend to be off track and out of sorts until I do.

God is Faithful….Even though I had not taken time for God that morning, God still took the time for me.  I know He sent that man into my office.  I have been wondering all day if he knew that God had sent him.  I have no idea what he or the other woman prayed about during that minute of prayer but I do know that after we finished praying I felt ready to face my day and I also felt at peace. I find it really cool how God does that.  He knew what I needed today and he sent it. He knew I needed time with him so he sent someone to ask me to pray.

God knows what we need and when we need it.  It’s Him that we all need, and we need Him all of the time, not just when we think we have the time.

Father thank you for the people you have surrounded me with.  I know that there are days I get off track but you always seem to bring me back around.

Dear Readers.  My heart is heavy today, my sister’s boyfriend who was her best friend of 12 years passed away suddenly this past Saturday night.  He was only 37 years old and also left behind 2 young daughters.  His daughters and my sister are broken hearted at losing him. My sister has been ill for the past couple of years and he is always there for her taking her to the doctor, sitting by her bed when she is sick and just hanging out with her being her friend. Right now she seems so lost without him and it breaks my heart to see the pain she is going through.  Will you please add my sister and his family to your prayers?

Thank you for your prayers and for reading.

Blessings to you,



10 thoughts on “A Silent Prayer of Peace

      • Men of One Accord says:

        T, Just dropping by you know my wife and I have had a big move in our life and we are still without internet. But the move was something special a work of God I will have to write about how great our God is. Now for the reason I stopped by Happy Late Birthday to your Grand daughter! Did she get a copy of Donkey Tells and if so How did she like it? My grand daughter and I are working on a facebook page for Donkey Tells! It would help if I understood Facebook! God Bless you, J Thomas, AKA James


        • T says:

          Hi James, I am so glad the move has been going so well. I am looking forward to reading your post. My Grand daughter did get a copy of Donkey Tells, actually I sent it to her Kindle from Amazon’s website, I also bought myself a copy for my Kindle too but I am sorry to say I haven’t read it yet though I did skim though it before sending one to her. She has’t finished her’s yet but she was reading it to me earlier today and she really is enjoying it, What I have heard so far was really good. I will look for the facebook page and “like” your page when you get it finished. Thanks for stopping by and for the Happy Birthday wishes to Bre. Blessings to you! 🙂


  1. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    I have prayed T for your Sister, you and the family, I know how painful it is to loose someone you Love, which may not always be by death but the loss is the same and so is the pain.

    I feel so much for your Sister T, let’s pray she will know the reality of God’s Love all around her, that she will feel His presence and respond, I’m going to ask The Lord to bring her to my mind often, so I can pray in The Spirit for her and all of you.

    Christian Love Always – Anne


        • T says:

          Hi Anne, she seems to be doing well though I know she is still sad, she misses him tremendously. I know as time goes on she will feel better and she was laughing at a silly story i told her the other day, It was good to see her laugh. Thank you for praying for her I really appreciate it.


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