Do Not Fear


4 thoughts on “Do Not Fear

  1. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    Sorry T it took so long to visit you as I had promised I would, I have a pinched nerve in my back after hitting a stone on my Mobility Scooter, which now is also out of action. I had a very painful procedure done yesterday on my back, which will take time to heal. I did a few more comments last night hoping to finish with you and Barb but I felt too tired after responding in detail to someone on my Blog as it was very late when I finished.

    Fear in Scripture like other words has it’s meaning by the context in which it is used. To fear God can mean we have fleshy fear of Him because of our sin or that we honour and Respect Him, it can mean we have fear in our emotional responses to the things that are happening in our lives. God has often told me not to fear in the Storms that I have suffered in my life and reminded me in many ways that He is close and will always help me.

    Last night before I slept, I gave thanks for yesterday even though it had presented one problem on top of another but God showed me very clearly He was there with me once again and for this I give thanks not for the hardship I suffered because I know it was not from His hand, it never is.

    He also does not close doors, He opens them, what we may think is an opportunity may not be and so it never eventuates or progresses as we planned regardless of what we do but as we do God’s work that He has planned for us in advance and empowered and equipped us to do, we will have success even if we are not aware of the end results at first.

    Christian Love always dear T – Anne


    • T says:

      Anne I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I hope by the time I am answering this you are feeling better… are you? you are giving thanks even though you had a hard day, that is really great, even in hard times there is always much to be thankful for. So glad you know who to turn to and that God is taking care of you. I will be praying for a quick recovery for you my friend.


      • Freedomborn's Christmas Blessings says:

        Thank you T and yes I’m feeling better but disappointed because my Scooter is out of action so I can’t visit my Elderly friends that I have made in the Nursing home but Ron said he will take me for a short visit with them tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to this. I have 80 candy canes with the Story how they came to be for the Elderly residents and the Nurses and Staff, so I would very much value your prayers that it will touch their hearts and they will respond and then know just how much they are Loved.

        Yes I give thanks always T because I do not doubt that God will work EVERYTHING out for good.

        Many Blessings dear T from both of us for a wonderful Christmas – Anne


        • T says:

          I am so glad Ron can take you I know its very important that you get there and I will be praying for sure. You have a wonderful Christmas also and thank you.


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