Thank you for the Messy People

We are called to love others.  Not just the easy ones but also the hard ones. We should love those people who we don’t quite know how to deal with. Those who are broken and hurting. Those who get on our nerves and even those people who are cranky who we sometimes feel don’t deserve our love.

We are called to love everyone and that includes the messy people.  Loving messy people sometimes can be scary and sometimes quite hard to do.  We don’t get to pick and choose who God gives us to love.  We are just to love them as he loves us. We are all messy people at times and thankfully no matter how messy I am God still loves me.

Dear Lord thank you for the messy people you have put in my life because they show me I am messy too.

We love because he first loved us – John 4:19 

7 thoughts on “Thank you for the Messy People

  1. Freedomborn - Aussie Christian Focus says:

    Great message T, I’m pleased you continued to Love me, I’m messy but Loveable too, that is when you get to understand my quirkiness, meaning out of the box thinking 🙂

    What do we do if someone keeps hurting us because they are hurting deep down and yet they don’t know it. Sometimes we think we have all we need but we haven’t , I did and even convinced some others I did too.

    I found there was only one way that worked, I asked God for His Love, Compassion, Mercy, and Grace so I could continue to Love even those who hate me the same as He does and do you know what I was blessed too.

    Christian Love Always from both of us – Anne


  2. in6days says:

    I think it was Phillip Yancy who wrote about people he called “EGR’s”, (Extra Grace Required). I have a sneaking suspicion that I just maybe, could be, perhaps, could possibly be one of those myself.


  3. Pastor Roland Ledoux says:

    I really loved this one as this is the foundation of my ministry. Don’t get me wrong it’s still teaching, but teaching about what TRUE Agape, Godly Love really is! Too many people, Christians included are put off by “messy” because they can’t “rev” up their feelings of love. Those like this haven’t been taught what true love actually is.
    If you ask someone what is the opposite of love? Most will tell you, HATE. But believe me, that is wrong, you know why? Because hate is exactly like the “feeling” of love. It is an emotion, it is a deep-set feeling based in the carnal nature of a fallen people.
    True, Godly Love, is the exact opposite of Selfishness. A selfish person only cares about “return” or what can I get for my actions. A selfless person on the other hand is not concerned about ANY type of reward or acknowledgement; just as the Heavenly Father left His Son hanging on the Cross for the Love of us all, despite our selfishness and human nature, He is leaving the choice of thankfulness to those willing to give it freely. He mourns for those who choose differently, but His love for them never ceases. He lives us all, the ability to choose. That is LOVE of the highest order; that is LOVE in action and not in feeling!
    When we can love IN ACTION like that, then and only then will the real feeling or emotion come and when it does, it comes based in the Fruit of the Spirit, Love AND Joy! Nothing can take that away because joy is spiritual unlike happiness that is based on present circumstances that change. Love and joy never change because they are deep-seated in the spirit not in the soul.
    So, this as you can see, this topic is close to my heart. True love gets (verb) down and dirty in the messy, the very place our Redeemer pulled each of us from!!
    Sis, I could stay all day!! LOL! I love your insight and writing and I am so inspired! Thank you, thank you so much in the Lord!

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