I am not sure why I feel the need to have more than one blog.  There are a lot WordPress design options so maybe that is the reason. I like the pretty purple swirls on one of my blogs and then there is the cute little worm who travels up the side of another blog I have.

I have never been the type of person who likes things to stay the same and some days I just want to be different. There are differences in my blogs also.  I usually I try to keep things on this blog upbeat and it is also my main blog. Some days I feel like I need to vent so I am venting on thinking loudly.  On days I feel extra thankful those are the days I write love letters to Jesus.     

No matter what the reason I have more than one blog I eventually end up sharing what I post on the other blogs here. and if you clicked any of the links to the others you will see I really don’t use them much at all.  Now that I think about it maybe it is time to delete the other blogs, save myself the extra work and just post it all here on my main blog in the first place…. 🙂

Below is my post I posted on Thinking Loudly yesterday and what a difference a day can make!  Today I woke up feeling painful knees but the difference between yesterday and today is the attitude I chose to take today.  Today I feel much better than yesterday mostly because I am done with the pity party and maybe because I allowed people to help me instead of keeping it all bottled up inside, only sharing my true feelings with the blog world.

Each day I continue to heal but on the bad days I still know that God is good. Everyone keeps telling me tomorrow will be a better day but I am not sure that is always true. Tomorrow could actually be a worse day but the attitude I decide to choose to take will make all the difference in the outcome of the day.

No matter what you are going through today remember Jesus is walking along with you, If you can not walk then lay it out there for him go ahead tell him how you feel.  He is always listening and he truly cares about you and if needed he will carry you.

No matter what kind of day it is today Jesus will always be the same.  If you choose to take him along with you today I am pretty sure you will see your day become much brighter.

Here is my post from Thinking Loudly…


Most days when I wake up in the morning I am thankful.  But today when I woke up that thankfulness fleeted through my head for only about half a second because as I opened my eyes I realized I had awoken to searing pain in my knees.

Though I know I am supposed to sleep flat on my back with my knees propped on pillows my ‘sleeping’ self insists on knocking the pillows off the bed and curling into a ball on my side. The result of that is knees that feel like a pair of rusty hinges that are frozen in the bent position and they need to be unlocked. The unlocking hurts more than I can ever begin to explain, so I won’t.

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When you finish reading, come back and listen to this song by 7eventh time down

If your feeling low today – Just say Jesus! 

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.

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