Guest Blog Post – The Lonely Tiger

Today I am excited to introduce to you my special guest blogger. My guest blogger is my granddaughter Bre.  Bre is in 4th grade and she is 9 years old and loves to draw pictures and write short stories.    I hope you enjoy Bre’s first blog post “The Lonely Tiger”

The Lonely Tiger


The tiger lives inside of a cave.  The tigers name is Love.  Love’s favorite color is purple Love’s second favorite color is pink.

One time there was a lonely tiger named Love and Love was lonely because she never liked to talk to other tigers and she just sat in her cave all day.

One day Love’s mom and dad asked, “Where are all of your friends?”  Love said, “I don’t have any friends.”  Love’s parents asked why and Love said, “Because I am to shy.”  Then Love’s parents said, “Well, we are going to make you get some friends.”  But when she started to walk up to one of the tigers Love got so scared that she started to turn into her two favorite colors which where pink and purple.  Loves stripes turned purple and the rest of her body turned into pink.

Loves parents decided that Love needed to see a tiger doctor to see what her problem was.  When they did the doctor said that Love’s problem was that she had a bad case of shy color syndrome and that there was no possible cure.  So they all tried to do everything they could possibly do but until they came up with a cure Love had to try to not be so shy.  So she did try and the case of the shy color syndrome went away.  The way Love got over her shyness was that she faced her fear of being embarrassed of who she really was because she realized that God had made her beautiful the way she is.

The End

By, Bre Williams

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