The Eye of the Beholder

20130325_105300-1Today I met a young man, he is the chef in the resort I am staying at here in Jamaica.  He had a huge smile and kind eyes and seemed very pleased that I had searched out the Jerk chicken for dinner which is a specialty in Jamaica and one of the things the locals here are quite proud of.

As the chef was helping me with my food he asked me where I was from to which I replied that I was from Missouri which is in the United States.  He then asked me what is it like where I live.  I replied “It’s hot like it is here in Jamaica but not nearly as beautiful. We have no beach or ocean just a lot of trees and mosquito.”   He looked puzzled for a moment then he then asked, “Do you have snow where you live?”   I told him yes we do have snow but not this time of year.   He got a wistful look in his eyes and then he said “I want to see the snow so very much! I can only see snow in pictures or on the television.  Snow looks to be very beautiful, do you not think snow is beautiful?” And then he added “I think it is probably very beautiful in your country and I am sure you think so too.”

Oh man…I sure did feel ashamed of myself.

I actually love snow and think it is very beautiful!  I also love my town and my country, though I always seem to be telling others lately how I someday want to get out of Missouri and move somewhere with a beach.   I am sad to say I realized that I had painted a picture to this young man that looked like I did not like where I live and that I did not appreciate it’s beauty.

This man is working in what I consider to be an island paradise which I could tell he loved and was proud of, yet he was longing to see  snow which is something I take for granted.

The more we talked the more I realized how much I have to be thankful for.  I told him  how lovely the snow is and then I told him about the changing seasons and how in the fall the trees change colors and spring time how the new flowers begin blooming.  He listened intently seeming very excited to hear all this.  I also realize though I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to travel to this beautiful country and experience it, I do truly love my own Country and there is also no place like home.

Each day I am where God has put me, today it is Jamaica, tomorrow it will be at home.  No matter where I am God always seems to give me blessings and gifts.  Thankfully he does this even if I do sometimes act like a spoiled brat.

I guess you know the rest of the story….tonight I had a lot of apologizing and thanking to do.

20130606_125509cropped-419892_2390671585998_1827147869_1452774_650616392_n.jpgwpid-IMAG3402.jpgIMAG0552 (1)

Today I am blessed.

Today I am thankful.

Every day I am blessed.

Every day I should always be thankful.

Thank you for reading,




Journal entry 7/19/2013 – Montego Bay Jamaica

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