Compassion Bloggers in Nicaragua


Today a group of Compassion Bloggers have started a journey in Nicaragua with Compassion International.   I am looking forward to going along on the journey as I follow them from here at home via their blog posts.  Today I read Edie’s post- ‘Twas the night before ….   It was so good!  Her post brought me back to the feelings I had this past March as I was preparing for my Sponsor trip to Haiti with Compassion.  Edie shares whats on her mind and in her heart, knowing for certain that this is what God has planned for her even though she is stepping into the unknown.   I admire her faithfulness and I think you will enjoy reading her post – ‘Twas the Night Before…   If you would like to follow the Compassion Bloggers as they experience this awesome adventure God has sent them on click the links below.

Here are the links

Edies’s blog LifingGrace and her post ‘Twas the night before…

Compassion Bloggers Nicaragua 2013

Compassion’s blog Nicaragua at a Glance.


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