Teardrops and Raindrops

Out my window the day is dark and gloomy

Thunder rumbles as raindrops slip down the window pane

The new day matches my mood, as tear drops begin slipping down my face

I miss you

A storm is raging outside

I need you

Another is raging inside

Where are you?

Raindrops fall from the sky

Can you hear me?

Tears stream from my eyes

Can you feel my pain?

Could rain drops be your tear drops?

As your tears of rain drip from the sky

I feel them mixing with mine

I feel your sorrow

Do you feel mine?

As Your tears of healing rain wash over me

I feel your love

I feel hope

I feel peace

Written by Terri Siebert 6-1-2013

10 thoughts on “Teardrops and Raindrops

  1. Men of One Accord says:

    Yes I know the One who stops the rain!
    Love is He
    Who is just soo great!
    Because He loves me too!
    Sometimes when I read a poem and I become apart of it I throw a line in or two, Sorry! God Bless!


  2. balding2soon says:

    The tears of Pain and the tears of Joy can sometimes be misconstrued, as I just released My latest post I had tears of both and I could also point ares in your post of both as well the many points of tears of pain and joy can be a blessing sometimes because it lets a person know that they have what it takes to be human and sad to say sometime a song is all it takes for me.


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