What Do You Do?

Sometimes life isn’t always so rosy thankfully we have hope and a savior who can help us.

Here is a link to the original post on  http://thinkinloudy.wordpress.com/    — >   What do you do?.

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3 thoughts on “What Do You Do?

    • T says:

      Your sharing on that blog was something that needed to be shared, it made me cry. I am sorry for what you have to go through. Your courage and strength in amaze me. Praise God for giving you that strength and courage and also for comforting you. Thank you for sharing …. Praying for you.


  1. Freedomborn says:

    Hi T, thank you for your words of Compassion and Love, it means so much to me, yes we must always forgive if we don’t we prevent God from forgiving us because we become polluted and He can’t come close to us, this is the same as when we sin without heart repentance, which means we turn from evil and do good by The Holy Spirits empowering.

    To be honest I have forgiven Mum and God helped me see that she needs my help not my anger but I’m finding the hurt hard to deal with, I start crying and feel so rejected and I still don’t understand how she could seek to hurt me so much even after she is dead, every time I phone her we end the call by saying we Love each other, so this has been a real shock. My Brother is also hurting by her rejection over the years and so he felt he should tell me which he is now in trouble for doing but I thanked him and reassured him he had done the right thing.

    As I shared on your new Blog T, I have no doubts God will use this for good, perhaps Mum will be saved, something I pray earnestly for as I did for my Sister Julie who repented just before she died but I know He will not go against Mum’s free will and when money is your god it is impossible to see our God clearly but then He is God of the impossible, even when we are 92 and full of fear like my Mum is.

    Mum has never forgiven me for moving to Queensland with Ron 10 years ago, even though of course I would want to be where Ron is, but she doesn’t understand this, she felt I should be looking after her but she has my other sister and brother down there who do or we wouldn’t have left. Also she rejects strongly my Faith in God, the same as the rest of my family. I know she is afraid I will contest her will but this is something I would never do, her money is her money and what she does with it is her choice and I respect this but to tell everyone not to tell me when she dies till after the will is read, breaks my heart, I wouldn’t even be able to say goodbye and so have closure which is what funerals are also for as well as remembering a persons earthly life and giving thanks for it.

    Sorry T for the long comment but thank you for listening and caring – Christian Love Always – Anne.


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