As I travel the sound of fallen leaves rustle beneath my heavy footsteps.

Trees void of color surround, brown, barren and lifeless against a dark sky of winter grey.

As my feet trudge along the leaf covered path thorns of the underbrush grab painfully,

sticking and pulling trying to block me from the place I am so desperately trying to reach.

Feeling lost and tired I look ahead to see a fork,

Once only one path, now two paths I face.

The path I am on though familiar a place is treacherous and lonely, its name is Despair.

The other before me is like none I have ever traveled.

It promises to lead to a place of peace and love, its name is Trust.

Timidly I place one foot on Trust,

As I hesitate I hear “this way is not easy but alone you will never be”

I take in a breath as I move both feet forward

I know the choice of path I must take.

Faithfully I follow the soft whisper voice

leading me on Trust, my new path of choice.

Written March 3, 2011, By Terri Siebert

8 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Teresa Dawn says:

    Another beautiful post and you had me so confused haha! I remembered your post but I could have sworn the blog was purple and I was sure I would have noticed your Compassion kids since I obviously love child sponsorship myself… but I hadn’t haha. I’ve figured it out now that you are running two blogs (Is that right?) I’ll add this one to the list of blogs on the side of mine too 🙂 Thanks for visiting me over at Naivaze. How neat that you are a Compassion advocate too! I had no idea when I saw your purple blog yesterday but it’s quite clear here now… and I just saw that you get to visit your sponsor girl soon? That’s amazing! Truly a dream of mine but not likely to happen any time soon. I sponsor one girl through World Vision and three through Compassion… my other kids are all Correspondance through Compassion, Auntie’s Angels, and Chileleko (as well as two of the kids are my parents’ World Vision kids that I write to sometimes for them. (I work part time in an ice rink and have a mortgage so four financial sponsorships is pretty much my max. at the moment) I love all of them so much 🙂


    • T says:

      lol sorry for the confusion and yes I am running two blogs,I just started the purple blog about 3 weeks ago. Thank you for adding it and this one to your list. Yes I do get to visit one of my sponsored children next month but it’s not the girl It is the boy Theirry in Haiti. It is so amazing how we fall in love with those kids I just love mine so much and I am nervous yet so excited to meet him ❤ That is so cool you have all those children you write and/or sponsor what a blessing you are for them and I know they are huge blessings for you. I loved reading those letters you post and can not wait to have more time read more of them. 🙂


      • Teresa Dawn says:

        My Estevenson is in Haiti too 🙂 I do love the letters from there. How old is Theirry? Estevenson is 11 and he’s at the centre HA312 Will you post about your trip and meeting him? I hope so! Estevenson asked me in his last letter a couple weeks ago if I would come visit him. I can’t right now so the next best thing would be to read about you meeting Theirry I’m sure 😉 haha! My friend Lea met my girl Esperance once in Rwanda and that was pretty amazing as she took all sorts of photos of her and her family for me, but I’ve never been myself.


        • T says:

          Thierry is in the Delmas33 center and is 15 years old and yes I most likely will post about my trip, I am so excited to have the opportunity to get to go and I plan to take a journal to write everything down and take lots of pictures so I don’t forget a thing. I hope you will be able to meet one of you children one day and that is so cool that your friend got to meet one of them for you. Thank you for following my blog and for posting all those letters from your kids on your blog I sure enjoy reading them.


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